Aim Higher

If you have the will to rise, you'll have ample opportunities to grow. Aim your sights as high
as possible and you’ll get the opportunities to reach there.

  • With exposure to different and diverse geographies, demographics, and range of products, you get more opportunities to explore yourself as a true professional. That’s what we call as opportunities++. At every stage you are encouraged to test new waters and meet new challenges head-on. These challenges are a sure shot motivator for people who love facing and solving fresh challenges ever so frequently. Find your thought process and aptitude get nourished as you move from one assignment to another.

    "5 different assignments over 10 years...
    if the company you work for is already deciding your career path, you feel cared for!"

    Sachin Singh

  • Our Fast Track Selection Scheme recognises and rewards remarkable talent. It will put you on the fast track towards your career goals. Grow faster and be a young leader; one who leads the team on powerful assignments. For exceptional talent, Tata Motors is the place to be.

    "Have had an exciting journey from HR to sales to customer experience through the fast track route...
    Look forward to newer challenges and bigger roles going forward... "

    Amit Sukumaran

  • Management Career Acceleration Track (MCAT)

    The Management Career Acceleration Track (MCAT) is designed to build leadership pipeline by identifying high potential employees, developing them in a structured manner and providing them challenging opportunities in mid management level.

    "I got selected under MCAT and since then there is no turning back. I have been given a leadership position in one of the transformational IMPACT project and liking every bit of it.
    The journey has just begun for me and I look forward to leading key businesses / functions in next few years to come "

    Prashant Sagar

Learning is Life

For us, continuous learning is a part of life. With the dynamic Learning Management System and carefully tailored training programmes, Tata Motors Academy is a fountain of learning. Using a combination of classroom training, e-learning, and self-learning, it ensures efficient transfer and dissemination of knowledge to its employees. Here are the benefits of being a part of Tata Motors Academy:

  • Robust learning
    Management System

  • Carefully tailored
    training programmes

  • Experienced

  • Over 26,580
    online books

Workspaces designed
to engage and promote productivity

Our workspaces are designed to give you the feeling of working in a team with independence.
The spacious contours are designed for faster and smoother movement of creativity & ideas!
Check out the glimpses from our new office at Mumbai.


At Tata Motors we understand that your professional success depends on your personal wellbeing. Hence, we offer benefits and perks to empower our employees personally. Here’s what they have to say about Life at Tata Motors.

  • "As a statistician with ERC, my job involves analysis and prediction. Analysing large amounts of data captured from various functions and using that to predict failure rates, costs and warranty. When I joined Tata Motors I had a very academic approach to this subject. But over the years, my job has taught me to be more practical and has trained me to apply the knowledge that I have amassed through my experience. In addition, working at Tata Motors also exposes me to a lot of new learnings and constantly enriches my knowledge on the subject."

    - Harini Srivastava, ERC (Pune)

  • "As a CSR member of Tata Motors, I have realised that volunteering not only helps corporates give back to society, but also reveals the considerate and generous character of an individual. The more efforts you make, the more you receive in terms of learning, experience and contentment. Make a difference and experience the joy of giving. As they say, 'No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.'"

    - Sagar Savla, Corporate Strategy

  • "Tata Motors is a place to experience coexistence of multiple realities, being a market leader of Commercial Business as well as a key player of Passenger Vehicles. You can understand intricacies of traditional and legacy systems as well as pioneering technology and products. Tata Motors is an equal opportunity employer and believes in having diversity in the team, be it gender or disability."

    - Vishal, Corporate Human Resources

  • "In a dynamic industry like ours, challenges and excitement is guaranteed. Tata Motors is one company that gives you a free hand if you show the inclination & drive to perform. During my stint with the company, I have been given opportunities to handle varied roles. With a refreshed product line, Tata Motors has also revamped the workplace environment to reflect the vibrancy and a forward looking mind-set – a snug fit with our futuready philosophy."

    - Scherezade Bahmani, Corporate HR

Work around the world

We give you the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world and interact with people from different cultures. We are progressively expanding our international footprint through exports since 1961. Our commercial and passenger vehicles are already being marketed in several countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, South Asia, South America, Australia, CIS and Russia. We have our franchisee/joint venture assembly operations in Bangladesh, Ukraine, and Senegal.