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How to get more out of your vehicle

Always use recommended anti-freeze agents in cooling system to avoid deterioration of engine components due to corrosion.

Maintain correct tyre pressure to ensure better tyre life.

Always fit genuine radiator cap for pressurised cooling system.

Avoid mixing of different grades of lubricants or brake fluids during top up.

Avoid cranking of engine for more than 30 seconds. Leave a gap of 2 minutes between successive attempts.

Do not use kerosene as fuel, it reduces engine and fuel pump life.

Do not use clutch pedal as a foot rest when driving. This will cause premature clutch lining wear.

Don't coast vehicles, ie., drive with engine switched off. This is dangerous and affects the life of the gear box.

Do not over or under inflate tyres. This reduces tyre life.

Do not overfill engine oil in sump. This may cause engine smoking and high engine oil consumption.

Do not flash the alternator leads to check for current flow.

Do not mask head lamp lens (top 1/3 or top 1/2 portions) with black paint. If done, this will reduce headlamp light intensity.