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The global imperative is fuel conservation and a move towards green energy. Tata Motors is responding to this urgency by unveiling the Megapixel, an advancement of the Pixel concept.  

The Megapixel concept was launched in 2011.
A four-seater city-smart global Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) concept, the Megapixel caters to the performance-seeking and environment-conscious motorists.

Combining a lithium ion phosphate battery and an on-board petrol engine generator for recharging on the move, the Tata Megapixel offers a range of up to 900 km (with a single fuel tank), path-breaking CO2 emission of just 22 gm/km and fuel economy of 100 km/litre (under battery-only power).

The class-leading 'Zero Turn' drive system enables an exceptional 2.8 metre turning radius.

The at-home charging mechanism represents a distinct innovation. The car needs to be parked over the induction pad for charging to begin. An advanced human machine interface (HMI), the console docking point can connect a smart phone with the car.

The built-in large touchscreen HMI, at the centre of the instrument panel, becomes a common access point for the repertoire of the smart device, and for controlling multiple functions (temperature, ventilation, driving modes and performance).

The Megapixel harmonises Indian uniqueness (colours, graphic themes or materials) with global styling preferences. Leveraging the small-car knowhow from Tata Nano, the Megapixel combines the richness of tradition and innovativeness of technology.

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