Annexure to the Directors' Report


Efforts made towards technology absorption, adaptation an innovation

Initiatives on technological changes with an emphasis on customer orientation has been sharpened. The Company is putting continuous efforts in acquisition, development, assimilation, and utilization of technological knowledge. The Company, in its constant endeavor to improve processes in design and planning in the manufacturing domain, has implemented integration of digital product data into digital manufacturing planning system. Substantial progress has been achieved on various advanced engineering projects. Projects in this portfolio include development of vehicles running on alternative fuels including CNG, LPG, Ethanol, Bio-Diesel and Hydrogen. The Company focuses on alternate fuels, greenhouse gas reduction and fuel effciency improvements. The Company is actively working on various hybrid and electric power trains for hybrid, electric and fuel cell electric vehicles for both commercial and passenger car applications. Various initiatives for power trains were taken up during the year which consisted of performance improvement, development to meet stringent emission norms and refinement. Development of new generation power trains was also initiated during the year. The Company is focusing on new technologies to enhance the safety of the occupants. Safety performance target setting is also done through Computer-Aided-Engineering and testing capabilities.

Benefits derived as a result of the above efforts

These initiatives supported the Company's endeavour in bringing about improvements in existing products and developing new products. The Company was able to emphasize on value analysis/value engineering and innovative cost reduction ideas to cut down the cost.

Major technology absorption projects undertaken during the last year include:  
Sr. No. Technology For Status
1 Development of Infotainment system Development in Progress
2 Brushless DC Motor for Engine Cooling Module Development in Progress
3 Development of Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Program Development in Progress
4 Development of Electric Traction Motor Technology Under Implementation
5 Hydrogen re-circulation blower system on Fuel cell Battery-Hybrid Bus (4x2) family Development in Progress
6 Battery Management System on Bus and Car Hybrids Development in Progress
7 Jute Fiber Composite for Headliners Implemented
8 Development of a Hydra-mount for vibration reduction of vehicles at a particular frequency of resonance of an engine or a cab Development in Progress
9 Development of CNG Turbo Technology for M& HCV Development in Progress
10 Touch Screen Infotainment System with text messaging and navigation capabilities Development in Progress
11 Fully automatic temperature control system for Vista Family Implemented
12 Stain Resistant Fabrics Under Implementation
13 A 2-way intake silencer and a surge tank for reduction of vehicle In-cab noise Under Implementation
Major Technology imports include:    
Sr. No. Technology for Year of Import Status
1 Development of Fuel Cell Bus 2011-12 Development and testing in progress
2 Gas Injection technology for LCV, MCV and HCV engines 2009-10 Completed for NA Engines and Productionised
3 Engine Management for Series Hybrid Technology for Buses 2009-10 Under Development
4 Design and Development of infinitely variable transmission based on full toriodal traction-drive variators for various vehicle platforms. 2007-08 Under Development
5 Stop - Start feature for various vehicle Platforms 2009-10 Under Implementation
6 ESP (Electronic Stability Program) for Xenon Euro V Vehicles 2012-13 Under Development
7 Average fuel economy Display for HCV and LCV platforms 2012-13 Under Development


Activities relating to exports

The Company exported 50,938 vehicles during the year.

Export initiatives such as goods, products and services exported include

  • The Company introduced a host of new products in existing and new markets and showcased our vehicles in major auto shows in strategically important markets.
  • The Company executed some big and prestigious Government orders in Kuwait and US.
  • Driver Training School started in Bangladesh.
  • Mechanic Training Centre started in South Africa and Kenya.
  • Body Repair Manual launched.
  • Mobile Website launched.
  • Electronic Parts Catalogue started.
  • Monthly Product Update e-newsletter started.

Development of export markets

The Company focused on introducing various products in new/existing markets of Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Tanzania.

Export Plans

The Company plans to export various vehicles in future considering socio-political and macro economic conditions worldwide.

Foreign Exchange Earnings and Outgoings (Rs. in crores)
Earning in foreign currency 4,885.83
Expenditure in foreign currency
(including dividend remittance)

On behalf of the Board of Directors



Mumbai, May 29, 2013
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