Delivering with Speed
  • Prioritise and focus on the things that matter most
  • Make balanced decisions based on the facts we have and the facts we absolutely need (use the 80% rule)
  • Engage others up front and encourage diverse perspectives to enable better decisions
  • Test ideas, experiment, recognise mistakes and course correct as necessary
  • Take informed risks by evaluating both short and long term costs and benefits

As the markets realign to a newer economic reality, both in India and across the world, our robust pipeline of products which anticipate customer requirements will allow us to capture a strong foothold in key market segments. Our offerings in the Commercial Vehicle division span a comprehensive range of products built to address the specific requirements of functionality, load, comfort and engine capability.

In our commercial vehicle business, we anticipate market movement and recognise latent customer needs. For example, we introduced the Ace Zip, Tata Magic IRIS to cater to the Light Commercial Vehicle segment. We also anticipated arrival of international players and accordingly launched globally benchmarked products like the Tata Prima, the World Standard Range of Trucks. We are similarly anticipating the move to fully-built vehicles for trucks and buses. Our newly launched products showcase a best-in-class features, clear evolution of technology for a more refined drive, interiors defined by ergonomics and aesthetics, performance, design and human-machine interface.

Our focus on extending our pipeline of products in the Passenger Vehicle division is based on a separate set of requirements, driven by evolving technology platforms and intensifying competition. In order to meet and surpass the very precise customer requirements, our offerings from this division are constantly refreshed. As such, we have introduced lighter models providing space efficiency and better engine performance at preferred price points.