Driving Accountability

To drive accountability across the organisation, as a team, we:

  • Demonstrate integrity and respect for others at all times
  • Go the extra mile to support the customer and deliver great business results
  • Speak up and take ownership to help drive the success of decisions
  • Look beyond your own immediate role and take a stand for what will deliver both short and long-term success
  • Accept responsibility to learn and improve, not rationalise and explain
  • Raise the bar on others to enhance the culture of accountability in the Company

Within the Company, accountability stems from every individual. A culture of accountability is inculcated within each member of our team to achieve our overall goal of delivering world-class products and experiences to our customers. This is in turn, is underscored by our philosophy of working together as one team with one vision.

Our value of accountability extends towards our dealers as well. Our dealers are an important part of our stakeholder group and we have taken measures to ensure that their goals growth and profitability are not compromised.

These measures include regular financial audits of dealers, reduction of interest costs and trade inventories. By limiting inventories to one month's reserves, we ensure that our dealers are able to swiftly respond to changing market demand.

Additionally, our Tata Genuine Parts (TGP) programme enables our customers to use original Tata Motors spares. These spares, easily identifiable by holograms, ensures that our customers benefit from our quality assurance and guarantee of better products.