Emphasising Excellence

At Tata Motors, we are committed to the following tenets in excellence:

  • Think, say and do excellence always and not be accepting of mediocrity
  • Surface problems early and encourage others to do the same
  • Stretch yourself to exceed your internal and external customer expectations
  • Be 'outside in' and become a benchmark in the external world
  • Celebrate wins as a team, work on the improvements as a team
  • Use PDCA at every opportunity, short cycles to improve faster

Connectivity is going to be the key change area of the future. Of about 650 million mobile phone users in India,about 10 percent use smartphones. Additionally of about 140 million internet users in the country, a significant number access the internet through their mobile devices. We have leveraged this opportunity to introduce Blue 5 technology to allow for seamless integration between our customers' personal space and the car space. With this in mind, we created a touchscreen interface in the Manza, the first in its class in India.

We work actively to create products based on environmentally-friendly and sustainable technology. We are consciously moving from conventional fuel-combustion engines to alternate fuel-based engines. We have among our products some of the best fuel economy cars in India.

Our hybrid CNG buses which, today, ply the streets of Madrid, Spain, are the first in the world to leverage this technology.

In order to improve the cost of ownership of our products, we are increasingly adopting newer technology platforms. This encompasses a clear focus on improving the efficiency of engines and drivelines while ensuring energy conservation. Our products across the Ultra and Prima ranges set industry standards in fuel economy.

In addition to performance, we emphasise on the design and styling of our products such that they meet the expectations of customers. Our facilities in Pune and Italy enable us to meet international standards in design. Our focus to keep the Indian spirit alive in our design gives us a distinct edge by making us the only passenger vehicle manufacturer in India which is self-sufficient in design.