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Health is a key determinant of the quality of life of a person and the family. Because of its inter-generational character, it can impact future generations as well.


Health is a key determinant of the quality of life of a person and the family. Because of its inter-generational character, it can impact future generations as well. Health has a pivotal role to play in a person’s physical, mental and psychological development, thus impacting the pursuit of education, livelihoods, overall well-being and prosperity.

Tata Motors has always believed that communities – especially the needy, vulnerable and deserving – ought to be supported for easy access to quality and affordable healthcare on an equitable basis. We have set up community hospital infrastructure in Jamshedpur and have run programmes for leprosy, malnutrition treatment, etc for decades. We operate mobile health clinics for remote, last mile tribal community outreach in Pune.

Aarogya, our CSR programme for health, focuses on maternal and child health by adopting a holistic approach and striking a balance between ‘preventive healthcare’ and ‘curative healthcare’ interventions.

The National Drinking Water Plan of Tata Motors under
the Amrutdhara programme
(which comes under the Sumant Moolgaokar Development Foundation)
aims to serve potable, safe drinking water to communities.

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It is well known that brain development happens in the early formative years of infancy and childhood. Malnourishment among children can hamper brain development, which could lead to long-term negative impact on health, physical and mental development, and overall well-being.

This calls for a multi-pronged preventive approach, as well as curative measures when necessary. Adolescent girls, pregnant women and lactating mothers need to be made aware of the importance of consuming nutritious food, maintaining basic hygiene and taking care of themselves and their children. At Jamshedpur, Tata Motors runs a malnutrition treatment centre where severely malnourished infants and children are medically treated for a three-week duration so that they achieve normal health as per WHO protocols. At the company’s other locations, nutritious food is provided to anganwadi children in nearby rural and urban slum communities. Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaigns are being deployed in partnership with competent, reputed non-profit agencies and experts.


In general, the pressing health care needs of communities proximate to our plants and offices determine the kind of interventions under this CSR project. The spectrum of preventive and curative interventions includes dealing with leprosy, tuberculosis, HIV/ AIDS, malaria, waterborne diseases, etc. At Jamshedpur and Lucknow, this project has been deployed for decades through Tata Motors’ own societies. At other locations, we partner with recognised non-profits and government hospitals to deliver health care services.