Integrated Rural Development

The company has adopted several villages around its manufacturing units at Pune, Jamshedpur and Lucknow. Integrated Rural Development aims at meeting basic needs in
five broad areas - Health, Education, Water, Environment and Livelihoods.

An overview of the activities in 2006-07 and their impact is given below:

Health: A Healing Touch  

73529 patients provided curative services through Tata Motors supported Health Centres and Mobile Medical Vans (MMV). MMV has qualified doctor and nurses on board and provides health services to people in remote and inaccessible villages

569 cataract operations were carried out free of charge

Village Health Workers (VHWs or "foot doctors") have been trained from amongst the community members. They can administer primary health care and medicines for common ailments. VHWs treated 2200 patients for minor ailments in 06-07

8318 villagers benefited from various immunisation programmes and health awareness camps

The awareness camps included AIDS awareness, family planning, food and nutrition programmes

1494 low-cost toilets and 15 bio-gas
plants were constructed


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