The company is establishing the small car plant at Singur in West Bengal. CS at Singur focuses on enhancing the employability of the youth and women in the region through training and skill development. Skills being imparted are attuned to the immediate requirements and future demands that would be generated with the coming of the ancillaries. A glimpse into the activities is given below:

Technical and Vocational Training for Youth Members

  • 179 youth members having the minimum qualification of SSC passed were given four months intensive training in technical skills like electrician, fitter, turner and welder at Ram Krishna Shilpa Mandir. 18 other youth members who were ITI passed underwent a reorientation programme for six months at our manufacturing unit at Jamshedpur

  • A total of 346 youth members from the nearby communities are being imparted technical skills in welding, fitting, electrical work, motor mechanics and sheet metal work at various training institutes, including the prestigious ITI, Hooghly, ATI, Dasnagar and Howrah Homes

  • 224 youth members from the affected community are being trained in computers from NIIT and in apparel making from Apparel Training and Design Centre

Employment Opportunities for Empowering Women

  • A women's co-operative, of 25 members was formed to provide catering facilities to Tata Motors, SP&C and other government agencies

  • Another group of 50 women is currently undergoing sewing training

Direct Employment

  • Currently 250 community members are engaged as unskilled labour for construction activity of the plant

  • The CS team at Singur is exploring feasibility of engagement of these members on a sustainable basis through service providers

Partnering with the Public and the Social Sector

In West Bengal, Tata Motors is closely collaborating with several government agencies, primarily the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation (WBIDC). The company, in partnership with WBIDC, has trained several youth members in technical and vocational courses. The women's co-operative mentioned above was also formed in association with the WBIDC. The company has also partnered with the Ramakrishna Mission for conducting technical training for the youth. These partnerships have helped the company get a more holistic picture of the needs and requirement of all stakeholders of the small car project and have ensured that the CS activities in Singur are well aligned to suit the needs of the community. It is noteworthy that the West Bengal government has publicly announced that Tata Motors has set the benchmark, for all companies coming to the state, its demonstration of commitment to community development.

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