At the non-plant locations, CS is driven by the CS teams, which comprises mainly core volunteers. The modus operandi to carry out CS activities at these locations is through partnering with the non-governmental sector.

Industry Partnerships

Tata Motors partners in the efforts of various industry forums like the CII, BCCI, SIAM and TERI. In the year 2006-07, Tata Motors has took the first steps towards assessing the "As is" status of the affirmative actions that the company has taken so far for improving the condition of the disadvantaged, particularly the Scheduled Caste and the Scheduled Tribe populations (Report Attached as Annexure II). While grappling with the issue of withstanding the threat of reservations being introduced in the private sector, the company commits itself to better the present status of the SC/ST populations by taking measures to improve their educational status, enhance employability and create entrepreneurs through mentoring and promoting leadership amongst the SC/ST community.

Representatives from Tata Motors also participated in various conferences and seminars organised by BCCI, TERI and SIAM and contributed positively to the discussions regarding sustainability and industry's role in preserving the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

Aid to NGOs

The Donations Committee reviewed several applications from NGOs and institutions and after determining their need and merit, approved donations. A sum of Rs. 1.17 million was disbursed in the last year towards donation of Tata vehicles to organisations (list attached as Annexure I) working in the field of health, education and road safety. Donations in kind to the organisations help the company to forge relationships with the social sector by playing an important role in sustaining the work of such organisations. Partnerships across the nation with these organisations help the company to reach out to a larger community base unbound by limitations of geography and outreach ability.

Photo: TATA vehicle LPT 1112 EX donated to Abhijit Air Safety Foundation (AASF), Pune

The truck was fabricated and converted into the first Mobile Flight Simulator

The Flight Simulator would be used for raising awareness of the aspiring pilots on air safety

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