Photo: Mr. Mangesh Joshi (extreme left) with other members of the Melghat Mitra

Mr. Mangesh Joshi joined Tata Motors in 1991 as a Trainee and is presently working as a Team Member in Production Services - PCBU. Inspired by Tata’s culture of contributing towards social development, Mr. Mangesh started working in 1997 on issues of Malnutrition and Child deaths in Melghat District. He pioneered the formation of a team of volunteers called “Melghat Mitra – Tata Motors Group”, with the mission - “Let Not Die a Single Child in Melghat Due to Malnutrition”.

The Team works voluntarily, giving about 20 days of their personal leave. Melghat Mitra started by celebrating “Balak Din” in Melghat to boost the cultural and sports talent of the tribal Korkus. Tata Motors supported “Balak Din” activity by providing sports equipment, snacks and First Aid kits etc.

The team then actively worked in Relief Activities in Emergencies including the Gujarat Earth Quake, Tsunami and the Konkan Flood in coastal Maharashtra.

With the experience in working on critical issues like Child Deaths, Malnutrition and Relief In Emergencies, Melghat Mitra got an exposure to interact with the government, political, social and corporate bodies. Mr. Mangesh Joshi, in 2005, became an Elected Member for Tata Motors Karmachari Sahakari Patpedhi of Pimpri Pune.

When asked about his drive to volunteer and make a difference in the society, he remarks, “I believe, a complex problem can be solved with strong will, a good team spirit and with a positive approach. If these three ingredients are present, availability of large funds or equipments become secondary issues”.


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