Mr. Anil Gaikwad, Operator, Engines (D-Block), Pune, has been a volunteer for the last five years. A recipient of the ‘Man of the Month Award’ and the ‘Suggestion Scheme Award’ on two occasions, and the ‘Kartabgar Kamgar Purskar’, which is instituted by Maharashtra Kamgar Kalyan Mandal, Mr. Gaikwad has played an exemplary role in demonstrating effective balance between his efficiency at workplace and his leadership in volunteering activities.

Reflecting on his experience in the company and as a volunteer, he comments, “I feel myself to be very fortunate to be associated with Tata Motors, a company led by personalities like Late Bharatratna JRD Tata, Late Sumant Mooolgaokar and now Mr Ratan Tata.

I am working in Tata Motors for 17 years and every activity and process in Tata Motors has impacted me and motivated me to learn more, think positively and help the community at large. My job in Tata Motors motivated me to complete my BA, LLB and DBM. Now, I try to provide free consultation to my colleagues with the help of knowledge gained during these courses.

I got the opportunity to work as president of “Sangavi Samaj Vikas Kendra”, through which we organize programmes for socio-cultural development of employees and their family members. This experience has enhanced my skills and provided me hands on experience of management. It has also encouraged me to get involved in many social welfare activities outside Tata Motors.

My Tata culture motivated me to donate my award amounts to destitute home. I also contribute RS 100 every month to the funds collected in Kamgar Prashikshan Satra for educational initiatives in rural areas”.


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