Photo: Mr. Nitin Hardikar receiving the ‘Exemplary Achievement beyond Business’ Award from Mr. Ravi Kant at the Annual Day Function in Mumbai

Mr. Nitin Hardikar, our employee in Spare Parts, Mumbai CVBU, pioneered the MMV Trade Course at Sakwar, Thane and is actively involved in all stages, right from finalizing the course content, determining and arranging for the cut sections and models, interviewing and selecting tribal students for the course, organising the practical training sessions for the students at Pune Training Division and at various dealerships, to arranging interviews for the final placement of the students at various dealerships and TASs and taking feedback from the employers to improve the course.

Mr. Nitin Hardikar is also an active volunteer for organising various cultural programmes for the employees and their families. Known for his mimicry skills and friendly nature, his involvement in programmes encourage others to participate in some capacity or the other.

When asked to comment on his volunteering experience at Tata Motors, Mr. Nitin in his demure remarks, “I have been known as a next door boy right from my childhood. My basic hobby is to observe the various colours of a human behaviour, study them, think and analyse them. I have been working in Tata Motors since last 20 years and there can't be any other place where I could have observed the N number of humans around me. For me, TML is an institution having all kinds of opportunities available for learning. TML has its own philosophy. Rather than giving importance to any individual, it gives weightage to the principles, attitudes and the environment. I am a too small person to comment on Tata Motors, but one thing is sure, you go to any part of the World, the name "Tata” always receives a warm and respectful acceptance, which I doubt any other organization could receive.

TML has seen many towering personalities, but above all the tallest impact remains is of Tata Motors. The contribution in social work undertaken by Tata Motors has always remained silent. If it is known to the World, definitely it will surpass or may be equal to any big well known NGO. I am not sure about my contribution in MMV Trade Course is worth mentioning, but if it is so, the credit goes to the Tata Motors and our team of volunteers. I am just a face of it but behind me there are many dedicated volunteers who shared their knowledge and extended their cooperation. It is a wonderful experience of working together with such dedicated and talented people”.


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