• CII Award for Corporate Sustainability Reporting

The company received the award for presenting a balanced picture of its economic, environmental and social performance

• Golden Peacock Global Award for Corporate Social Responsibility

Tata Motors has received the award based on assessment, by an independent jury, of the company's integration of CSR concerns with corporate functioning, responsiveness to the needs of different stakeholders, and development of innovative partnership models to fulfill social responsibilities

• Hellen Keller Award for CSR

The company won the award in Category C - Companies / organisations / institutions who through their policies and practices demonstrate their belief in equal rights and gainful employment for persons with disabilities. Tata Motors directly and indirectly provides employment to several disabled people. The company has a policy on 'Equal Opportunities and Non-Discrimination in Employment’

• Bombay Natural History Award for Green Governance

The company won the award for its initiatives to protect and preserve the environment

  • Tata Motors is the only Indian Automobile Company to have been recognised as “Notable COP” for the second consecutive year by the Global Compact Society in 2006

  • GRI Report 2005-06 was prepared on newly revised G3 guidelines

  • National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC) of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, recognized Gram Vikas Kendra, a Tata Motors’ society, as the Regional Resource Agency for Jharkhand state for the 13th consecutive year in 2006


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