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Tata Motors - Resource Sustainability


Nurturing meaningful relationships with all stakeholders is one of the key drivers of success for any organization. The growth of Tata Motors is marked by customer focus and passion for engineering, and as importantly, by a collaborative relationship with its vendors. Our belief is that together we can achieve more, focusing on respective areas of excellence and bringing together unique competencies to achieve common goals. We have adopted practices like early vendor involvement and mentoring, which have resulted in effective deployment of resources by the vendor along with significant enhancement of their capabilities.

With the pace of product development quickening, the interface between the company and the vendors will need to be even more seamless and speedy. With this objective in view, the Tata Motors Vendor Portal facilitates transactions between Tata Motors and its current vendors, and also eases the process of new vendors engaging with the company. We look forward to a long-standing collaboration with you.