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Our vehicles, especially our range of buses and the Prima range of heavy trucks are special for Abu Dhabi as they are tough, reliable and suitable for the local climate; our top-notch services complement the vehicles.

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Tata Motors is at home in the United Arab Emirates, thanks to our popular products. The emirate of Abu Dhabi is one of the most important markets for the buses and we have a significant presence in the commercial passenger segment. Our Prima range since its introduction in 2014, has proved to be a very successful product in the region. Our 3S centres in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain offer customers the complete and convenient sales-service-spare parts experience.


  • Dalma Motors (3S Facility)

    Mussafah Industrial Area
    PO Box 46449,
    Abu Dhabi UAE
    Tel: +971 25547666, +971 507414110
    Fax: +971 25547866
    Email: dalma@alsaqergroup.com
    Website : http://dal.alsaqergroup.com

  • Dalma Motors (3S Facility)

    Street 12, Shiebat Al Salam, Next to Abu Dhabi Motors LLC
    Al Ain, UAE
    Tel: +971 37211882


  • Dalma Motors LLC

    Workshop & Spare Parts Department, Near Al Jaber, Musafa, Samiya, Abu Dhabi,
    Post Code - 46449
    Tel : +971 25546864/25547666



    A major player on the automotive scene, Dalma Motors was set up in 2002 to contribute to the UAE’s growing transport sector and construction industry. The automotive flagship of the prestigious United Al Saqer Group of Companies, Dalma Motors’ reputation for quality, strength, mobility and durability positions it as one of the top automobile companies in the UAE. As the official dealer for Tata Motors’ vehicles, Dalma Motors has sold thousands of vehicles over the past decade, and cornered an impressive share of the bus sector. The company provides superior, high-quality solutions to the automobile and construction industries.