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A promise to provide Sustainable Buses

27 October, 2018

Tata Motors has always led the Indian auto motor industry in terms of producing vehicles of exemplary design, integrating new technology into their offerings while capturing the needs of the Indian customer. But more importantly, as we continue to progress in creating cars of global standards, we also seriously consider and work towards 'sustainable transport'.

Need for sustainability

Sustainability has grown in importance over the last decade owing to environmental changes that are gradually brought about by traffic congestion and pollution. Besides having detrimental effects on the environment, the congested, complex urban transport system poses as a problem to the development agenda of the nation. Hence, the Government of India has opened its doors to the planning and development of 100 smart cities. This will promise a safer transport system, better mobility and also inch closer to a cleaner environment.

Given its low costs of operation and high passenger capacity, a majority of the population rely on buses to commute. Therefore, it is important that buses too, undergo a green makeover to be in line with India's plan of smart cities. We are, thus, pushing towards electric buses with cleaner options for fuel while constantly designing and producing vehicles that cut CO2 emissions that will in turn reduce our environmental footprint across all transport segments.

Designing sustainable buses

With this view, we have launched the STARBUS ELECTRIC 9m, the STARBUS ELECTRIC 12m and the STARBUS HYBRID 12m buses, that are powered by alternate fuels. These buses are now being manufactured and supplied to various State Transport Corporations.

Next, we also produced the country's first Fuel cell bus (12m), LNG Powered bus (12m), and (18m) Articulated bus. These buses aim at reducing pollution and promote an eco-friendly transport system in India while also fitting in perfectly with India's Smart Cities.

Moreover, we delivered 25 Diesel Series Hybrid buses to Mumbai that are to be functional within the city center and also to connect BKC to the Airport. These buses runs on diesel and are also electric thus making them economically and environmentally friendly.

BusWorld India 2018

Yet again we affirmed our promise of sustainable public transportation, when we showcased our new range of public transport vehicles at the BusWorld India 2018. Our range of sustainable buses targeted the staff and tourist segment with the Starbus Ultra AC 22-Seater Push back and Starbus 12-Seater AC Maxi cab that have best-in-class features like individual charging points, Push back luxury leather seats, power steering and LED lighting for a classy interior look.

For a better intercity travel, we created MAGNA that has a coach with a 35-44 ranging seating capacity and a generous boot space of 7.5 cubic meter. Additionally, MAGNA's colourful, eye grabbing exteriors and luxurious interiors ensure that passengers travel comfortably and relaxed.

Thus, we offer a future ready range of buses and continue working with the government on the promise of sustainability to create cleaner options for mass public transportation.

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