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India’s fastest truck sets a new record on the International racing circuit at T1 Prima Truck Racing

22 March, 2017

For enthusiasts, auto racing is a sheer sensory delight. Ask any auto enthusiast and they'll tell you that the smell of burning rubber and the thrilling sound of cars whizzing past at lightning speed gives them a high like no other sporting event can.

The style, design and performance of the aerodynamic wonders - the racing cars-bring the 'real' wonder to racing events. What if 'trucks' replace the 'cars'?

Everything magnifies - the size of the racing vehicles, the fun, the passion, the excitement. And then when you have India's fastest truck racing and setting a new international record, it's your moment of glory as part of the organization that made it happen.

The T1 Prima Truck racing this year was extremely special for us. Though in its third year, our driver development program, T1 Racer Program (TRP) helped us create two homegrown truck racing teams - a first at the T1 races.

It was the first time that Bollywood sensation, and our brand ambassador of commercial vehicles, Akshay 'Khiladi' Kumar cheered the racers in his inimitable style.

And then our majestic monster in red made its debut, kicking up a cloud of dust to roaring applause. The 1000 bhp PRIMA Race Truck made a grand entry. The sheer speed and magnitude of this machine made for a jaw-dropping experience among the audience. It became the showstopper, and for good reason!

The 1000 bhp PRIMA Race Truck has been developed to deliver unmatched power and acceleration of 0-160 km/hour within 10 seconds and a torque of 3500 Nm @ 1600 - 2200 rpm. The power is managed by an all-new ZF 16-speed gear box, making it the fastest race truck developed by Tata Motors and the most powerful truck built in India by far.  


  • Engine - 1040 HP, 12 litre engine mounted in the centre of the chassis for equal weight distributions over axles.
  • Gearbox - 16 speed gear box with hydraulic assisted gear shifting which gives comfort to the driver while shifting the gears
  • Chassis - Box type frame, specially made with 2 cross members only Sub-frame - reinforced with frame to enhance structural rigidity of frame, as well for packaging components
  • Racing Seat - Inclined (slipping mode) type
  • Steering Wheel - Detachable type fitted with 20-degree castor angle for better steer-ability and self-centring at corners.
  • Cabin - Day Cab fitted with Roll Cage
  • Engine Cooling System - Intercooler mounted vertically & Inclined mounted Radiator with 2 cooling fans inside the closed duct. Additional nozzles for water spray on Radiator & Intercooler to enhance cooling efficiency.
  • Braking - Front & Rear Axle mounted with Disc type brakes for higher braking efficiency & speedy cooling
  • Tyres & Wheel Rims - Racing specific slick type smooth tread tyres
  • Suspensions - 2 Leaf springs, pneumatic shock absorbers with 3 adjustment & displacement sensors
  • Brake Disc Cooling - Air pressurised water fed to brake discs through sensor based Nozzle Jets. Primary cooling through continuous water flow & secondary jet operated automatically on increase of Brake Disc Temp. Arrangement has 3 Aluminium Tanks with a total capacity 180 litres of water.
  • Fuel System- Light-weight 80 litre aluminium tank and fuel cooler
  • Power cut off switch - Mounted at rear, operated manually, as well as mechanically.
  • Electronics system - App Based (Wi-Fi enabled) remotely controlled diagnosis.
  • Driver Information System - Provision of Rear View Camera, GPS etc. Display unit with Touch Scree

So how did this monster come about? Steve Horne, the famed truck racing champion from the UK, said excitedly, "Two years ago, we decided we needed something with more power, something more in line with what we race with in Europe. Six months ago, we started construction on the new 1000 hp truck and it has just set a new record of 135 seconds on the international circuit."

The 1000 bhp Prima Race Truck is a true-blue example of a world-class product, developed by an international team, and made in India. At the helm was a team of four bright young engineers, who worked round the clock to give shape to India's fastest truck in just six months, out of the Tata Motors Jamshedpur plant.

Born to the ace racer Steve Horne, Benjamin (Ben) started racing the moment he was born, with his dad on the track. Right from his childhood, Ben would help his father maintain race trucks and developed an active interest in truck racing. He started out as a racer in 2007 and came second in the B-class championship in 2010. Ben breathed life into the 1000 bhp project with his understanding of racing trucks. He was the project lead engineer. He was ably supported by team mates Matt Clarke, Martin Bindlos, and Sayyed Sunny Ali.

"The additional power for the truck drivers will not only mean faster delivery time but also a chance for Indian drivers to drive a world-class product" pointed out Sayyed.

As the T1 Prima racing extravaganza drew to a close, the 1000 BHP Prima stood there on the track, reminding us that perhaps it is time we turn the spotlight on the remarkable progress being made in the commercial vehicles space. After all, it's the trucks that keep the nation moving.

-Team Tata Motors

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