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Tata Motors commits to contributing to the electric vehicle ecosystem

03 April, 2019

To address the rising concerns over greenhouse gas emissions and their contribution to global warming, the automobile industry is revolutionizing the way energy is used, created and redirected by ushering in an age of smart transport with the help of Electric Vehicles. With 'Connecting Aspirations' at the core of our brand philosophy, we at Tata Motors are diligently working to develop pioneering technologies that are not only suited to evolving aspirations of the market but are also sustainable. We are India's largest and the only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to offer an extensive range of integrated, smart and e-mobility solutions.

Recognizing electric vehicles as the future of transportation, we have led the e-mobility evolution with our best-in-class solutions tailored for the bus segment in India. To further profess our commitment to this cause, we will be supplying a total of 80 Electric buses to the WBTC (West Bengal Transport Corporation). We have already supplied 20 Ultra Electric 9/9m AC E-buses while the second batch of 20 9/9m AC E-buses will be delivered by March 31, 2019. The remaining 40 9/12m AC electric buses will be supplied to WBTC in a phased manner. This order is a part of a larger agenda wherein we will be supplying 255 E-buses to 6 STUs in the country including WBTC (West Bengal), LCTSL (Lucknow), AICTSL (Indore), ASTC (Guwahati), J&KSRTC (Jammu) and JCTSL (Jaipur).

Our Ultra Electric buses are manufactured at our Dharwad plant and are capable of going up to 150 kilometers on a single charge. And in case the battery runs out, we have installed charging stations at Nonapukur, Kasba, Newtown and Belghoria. Additionally, we have mounted intermediate charging terminals powered with fast charging at Howrah and Santragachi.

Our electric buses flaunt a superior design with the best-in-class features. They are also equipped with Li-ion batteries that are placed on the rooftop to avoid breakdown that occur due to waterlogging. The batteries are liquid cooled to maintain the temperature within an optimum range and ensure longer life along with better performance in tropical conditions. The new age Ultra Electric buses are built on existing proven platforms of Starbus and Ultra, and are powered by an Integrated Electric Motor Generator. They have contemporary interiors and comfortable seats for 31 passengers and are fully air-conditioned. These buses will offer 50 per cent lower fuel costs, 20 per cent better energy consumption and lower maintenance downtime in comparison to diesel buses. The buses have been tested and validated by us across states in Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, Assam, and Maharashtra.

We believe this to be a big leap towards creating a sustainable public transport system that is equally safe and smart for the masses. Furthermore, we are determined to bring in more energy efficient vehicles and bring smart city solutions for a greener and cleaner India.

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