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Tata Motors Gearing up for the Next Level of Fleet Telematics

12 November, 2018

In March 2015, Tata Motors became the first OEM to adopt Telematics - an efficient way for automobiles to be designed, driven and managed. It is a global trend that has been changing the International automobile market due to strong regulations on road safety, emissions and fuel efficiency.

This year, we became the 1st vehicle manufacturer in India to install 1,00,000 advanced telematic systems on its commercial vehicles under the Tata Fleetman brand name. With over 1,200 workshops, Tata Fleetman is gearing up for the next level of fleet telematics with advanced trip / journey management features that cater to the complex requirements of sectors like e-commerce.

Some of the features introduced to the Indian market through Tata Fleetman include: 

  • Emergency SOS- A panic button in vehicles through which the driver can send an SOS message to the transport owner in an emergency.
  • Trip Management- A versatile tool to track and evaluate individual vehicle trips in real time. Trip Management helps achieve significant improvements in fleet utilization and reduction in communication costs and idle times
  • Driving Assessment- Since drivers are the most important resource factor of transport operations, the driving assessment solution continuously evaluates drivers on a range of parameters impacting safety and economy. Suitable consultancy and retraining is then employed to improve overall fleet economy and safety record.
  • Vehicle health management- A solution which helps remotely monitor vehicle health, including quick fault detection and rectification before it can lead to consequential failures.

This launch was done in response to growing market needs for better fleet control and greater fleet utilisation.

Tata Fleetman generates rich fleet insights and goes on to collaborate with the customer to offer specific interventions towards improvement in the utilisation, performance and safety of the fleet.
This has resulted in happy and satisfied customers who have benefitted from these implementations.

"Everything changed when Tata Motors started providing complementary Tata Fleetman services with their tractor trailer range - The officials knew the exact location of the truck, the expected time of arrival, scheduled and unscheduled stoppages, thus improving our utilisation" - Mr Arihant Jain, KMT Logistics.

"We are running the driver’s incentive program for increased efficiency. Tata Fleetman gives us all the required parameters for running this program. While Tata Motors Suraksha enabled us to divest from vehicle maintenance, Tata Fleetman is helping us cut our efforts in tracking and incentivizing our drivers performance. Thus we can dedicate our bandwidth in getting more business for our fleet" - Kamal Gupta, Express roadways.

With all these technological advancements, we are sure that Telematics will allow our customers to manage their transport fleets efficiently and safely.

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