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Caring for the Truckies

19 July, 2017

India's truck drivers labour in the heat and dust every day (and often nights as well). Their hard work is an integral part of industry and commerce. Indeed, they are the unsung heroes of our economy.

Tata Motors decided to give the truck drivers a little extra caring. Read on to find out how.

Most truck drivers get very little downtime, which is either when the truck is parked at a terminal or waiting to be unloaded. Tata Motors decided to put these short breaks to good use. Through its Har Kadam Saarthi Ke Saath initiative, the company endeavours to educate the drivers about various health and safety measures to provide them a more enriching driving experience. We're glad to say that over a thousand drivers have already benefited from this initiative.

What's life without a little song and dance? Through the Ek Shaam Saarthi Ke Naam programme, Tata Motors organises delightful events for the drivers filled with live entertainment, felicitation and more! Last year, close to 7,000 drivers attended and enjoyed this programme.

The long hours on the road puts tremendous strain on truck drivers, leading to problems like hearing impairment, sleep deprivation and family discord. Considering drivers often have to hang around at the Tata Motors service stations while their trucks are being serviced, this seemed like the perfect time to take care of the drivers' well being. Consequently, Tata Motors tied up with Apollo Tele Health Services to provide innovative health care solutions to the truckies like health check-ups, tele ophthalmology services, and social health education and counseling services. Nearly one lakh drivers benefitted from this initiative.

To ensure that our industrious companions feel refreshed and renewed between journeys, Tata Motors also set up the Driver Aram Kendras on major routes. These are equipped with resting cots, laundry service, salons, reasonably priced food, and clean toilets and bathrooms, just to name a few.

Moreover, drivers get emergency help as well.

Should there be a breakdown during a journey, Tata Alert - Road Side Assistance attends to the stranded vehicle within 4 hours and ensures that the truck is restored within 24 hours. All the driver has to do is call on 1800 209 7979 to place a request.

These are just some of the ways in which Tata Motors cares for the people who keep the cogwheels of the economy moving constantly.

Which initiative do you like best? Have any more ideas on how we could help?

Let us know, leave a comment below.

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