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Tata Xenon Yodha and Akshay Kumar: A Tale of Two Heroes

04 January, 2017

Pickups - the smart choice for last-mile distribution

Versatility and high lead travel capacity make pickups and Small Commercial Vehicles (CV) an integral part of all supply chain models, contributing to about 36% of the global CV market. In India too, pickups have been the fastest-growing segment in the last ten years. A host of macro-economic factors continue to fuel a steep demand for this all-purpose group of vehicles:

  • India is one of the fastest-growing economies, driven by a flourishing rural economy and continued urbanization
  • The hub-and-spoke supply chain model continues to get a boost by strong emphasis and investments on infrastructure
  • e-Commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace
  • The implementation of GST is likely to have a positive impact on distribution models

Tata Motors - the most preferred brand for spoke distribution

Like most global supply chains, the hub-and-spoke model has grown rapidly and continues to develop and transform in India. For more than a decade, Tata Motors has catered to and helped develop spoke distribution in the country, offering the widest range of vehicles. Today 70% of the last mile cargo-running mini-trucks are from the Tata Motors stable. Here’s a snapshot of some of our longest-running star products from our portfolio:

  • Launched in 2005, the Tata Ace pioneered the small commercial vehicle industry and has brought prosperity to over 16 lakh customers
  • Launched in 2010, the Ace Zip is a popular choice for last-mile cargo movement in crowded cities
  • Ace Mega & SuperAce Mint, launched in FY 15-16, are rapidly growing in popularity

When two heroes come together: Tata Xenon Yodha & Akshay Kumar

Tata Motors now launches its new range of pickups, aptly called the Tata Xenon Yodha. Powerful, heavy-duty, reliable, and assurance of better fuel and tyre mileage make this new range of products the true yodha or warrior for Indian roads and customers who need performance, reliability and prosperity.

The typical commercial vehicle owner is impatient and always on the look out to keep their vehicles on the move. Movement means business, prosperity and growth. Over the years, Tata Motors has made the most dependable trucks for the toughest of Indian roads, introduced new technology and design to improve driving experiences and total cost of ownership, and offered the most complete service network to keep India moving.

While Tata Motors has always stood for unmatched products, service and innovation, Akshay Kumar epitomises non-stop energy, resilience and toughness.

In a Brand Asset Value Study (by Rediffusion Y&R) surveying 10,000+ respondents across 16 cities in India, covering 72 brand metrics, Akshay Kumar emerged as the best fit for Tata Motors - with a 88% overall match with Tata Motor’s core attributes. Further, brand Tata Motors stands to gain a significant boost from the attributes of brand Akshay.

Watch out as Tata Motors and Akshay Kumar collaborate to fuel the non-stop ambitions of India’s entrepreneurs.

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