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Contributing towards the ‘Sportification of India’

21 January, 2019

India is a diverse country and is extremely unique  with an extraordinary culture which is celebrated around the globe. You will find countless different people leading distinct lives here. But there is one thread that unites them all- SPORT. Indians have been extremely enthusiastic about sports since the ancient times. And with globalizing rising at its peak, they have been now exposed to various international sports which they are equally passionate about.

We at Tata Motors, in line with our group heritage, are renowned for encouraging sports and promoting sporting talents across India and overseas. Continuing this endeavor, we are excited for contributing towards the 'Sportification of India.' We have always firmly believed in catering to our audiences who find entertainment in activities that are international and homegrown alike. Hence, to further pursue this tradition, we partnered with the Vivo Indian Premier League (IPL) and sponsored the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) at the beginning of last year.


On 21st March 2018, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) officially announced its association with Tata Nexon as the official partner for the VIVO IPL.

IPL has always been about exhilarating performance, and that is exactly what the Nexon stands for. This new age SUV symbolizes resonates with the evolving, young and progressive generation of the country.

This IPL, NEXON not only spread huge awareness amongst the Indian audience, but also extended the most unique experience in the form of IPL trophy tour, Nexon Fan catch and Super striker award. This, combined with unique cricket-themed TV commercials, really helped in establishing the brand connect with cricket fans all over the country.

The association, over the span of three years, will provide Tata Motors great synergies using the platform of IPL in order to provide a unique and differentiated experience to its customers.

Partnering with IPL not only helps us showcase the Nexon to the audience, but also exhibits its spirit that connects with urban India.

Wrestling Federation of India (WFI)

On 1st August, 2018, our Commercial Vehicles Business Unit (CVBU) officially became the principal sponsor for the WFI. We realized that a legendary homegrown sport like wrestling needed to be encouraged and promoted. This association became the biggest non-cricket, sports-brand association in the country.

In the past, we have been constantly associated with various sports such as Cricket (IPL), Kabaddi (UP Yodha) and Football (Jamshedpur FC). Our philosophy and commitment is to act as a catalyst to promote sports while encouraging and developing the young rising talent of India.

In order to do so, we set up the 'Tata Motors Elite Wrestlers Development Program' to prepare them for the Olympic Gold medals at the 2020 Tokyo Games. This program will support the players with top-class training and coaching facilities, aided by renowned foreign coaches, support staff and international exposure. We aim to create a new success story at the greatest global platforms, hence organize premium exposure trips for the elite Indian wrestlers so that they can train and hone themselves according to the global training standards.

Our sole ambition is to enable budding sports enthusiasts to enhance their talent and achieve their aspirations. Additionally, with this initiative, we aim to reach out to our various stakeholders – SMEs, drivers, fleet owners, dealers and distributors, media and eventually connect with all Indians.

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