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Experiencing our pavilion at the Auto Expo 2018

28 February, 2018

Auto Expo, the largest automotive show in Asia and the second largest in the world, needs no introduction. The event is a craze amongst motorheads and first-timers both, with an overwhelming majority swearing that it’s never disappointing. Our company, which has been a part of virtually every Auto Expo since its inception, has gained a reputation over the years for displaying vehicles at the event that is both modern and futuristic. And, this year’s show was no different. The innovative concepts and launches that were showcased in our pavilion at the Auto Expo 2018 managed to make headlines across the world, with major news outlets covering every aspect of each. But what was it like to experience the thrilling event in-person? Featured below is a gist of how the expo unfolded, as witnessed by attendees, especially those who came to the show for the first time.

Ambience that was something straight from the future

Our Auto Expo 2018 theme - “Smart Mobility, Smart Cities” showed what the future holds for transportation. Hence, it was only natural that the ambience of our pavilion matched that of the theme. Our Passenger Vehicles (PVs) and Commercial Vehicles (CVs), which were housed in the sprawling 6,000 sq. m pavilion was divided into thematic zones - Residential, Sports, Smart Energy, Focus, Semi-Urban, Rising Cities, Smart Connectivity, Intra and Inter City Link Zone. As judged by their reactions, visitors to the pavilion, both first-timers and veterans, were in awe of the ambience.

Experiencing the MEGA Selfie

Witnessing the theme for tomorrow

For the Auto Expo 2018, we decided to roll with the theme of “Smart Mobility, Smart Cities.” Why did we choose it? Our company, which has been contributing to the development of India since before independence, wanted to help our government build futuristic cities of tomorrow. Hence, we showcased advanced vehicles as a part of the “Smart Mobility, Smart Cities” theme that will play an important role in the connected cities of the future.

Launch of the game changers

The world was waiting with bated breath to see how our offerings would look when they were finally revealed at the Auto Expo. This was expected, considering the teasers that were released by us through our social media prior to the start of the auto show.

And, when our vehicles were unveiled to the press on 7th and 8th February 2018 at the expo, the anticipation of the visitors to see and experience them was increased by leaps and bounds. They all seemed to be interested to see how we mapped our pavilion zones.

For them, we had featured the Nexon Aero and Nexon AMT in our Residential Zone. These vehicles have been conceived for use in areas like crowded suburbs. Sports Zone had thrill-inducing cars like the Tiago JTP, Tigor JTP, and our very own TaMo RACEMO. Our much-anticipated EVs – the Tigor EV, Magic EV, Iris EV and RACEMO+, the electric version of our sports car, were displayed in the aptly named - Smart Energy Zone. The two-tone Hexa, designed for use both on and off-road, was seen in the Semi-Urban Zone.

CVs, which also drew large crowds, were featured in the Intra-City Link Zone. Here, one could see the Xenon Smart Police Vehicle, Ultra 1.4 LNG, Ultra 1.7 and Yodha 4x2. Heavy vehicles for commercial purposes - Prima, Signa and Magna stood proudly in the Inter-City Link Zone. For any developing city, vehicles that will reduce manpower shortage, construction costs and thus the capital expenditure have become essential. The Signa 2518.K with concrete boom pump was displayed in the appropriately named Rising Cities Zone. Finally, the world-call Prima Lx 4930.S that is made for use in Indian conditions was seen in the Smart Connectivity Zone.

Check out our pavilion at the 2018 Auto Expo: https://autoexpo.tatamotors.com/360degreeview.html

The expressions of astonishment and admiration on the faces of those seeing the concepts and launches in-person said it all.

Star power at our pavilion

Isn’t it exciting when your favourite stars are as passionate about automobiles just as you? Visitors to our pavilion, especially those who came to the event for the first time, were in for a pleasant surprise at the Auto Expo 2018. During the event they got a chance to see Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, who is endorsing the Ace, racing champ Narain Karthikeyan and VJ-turned-actor Cyrus Sahukar. The presence of these celebs, who also interacted and clicked photos with the public, made the already-exciting auto expo, even more, amazing for first-timers. And with Parikrama performing live on Valentine’s Day, the visiting audience left the expo grooving.

Young attendees who loved every bit of our pavilion

Kids, who are often enthralled by sleek-looking automobiles, were among the most eager to see our latest CVs and PVs at the Auto Expo 2018. They were grinning ear-to-ear each time they got a chance to click pictures with the displayed vehicles. Another group that was eager to know everything about our automobiles at the expo were the 70 students of various educational institutes that have been recruited by us. From the reactions of these students, it was clear that they cherished every moment of learning and interacting with auto experts.

To sum it all up, visitors were totally impressed by our superb showing at the Auto Expo 2018. They left the pavilion knowing that we are determined to head to the top!

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