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Gearing up for a spectacular turnaround in the coming years

27 June, 2018

For years, we have pioneered and made innovative contributions to India's automobile sector, enabling us to earn a reputable place in the industry. We have catered to India's automobile needs by conceiving vehicles with revolutionary designs and technology that helped the country progress. As a company that looks to the future, we have decided to introduce new strategies to boost sales and inject new life into the country's auto market.

Turnaround 2.0

A new initiative named 'Turnaround 2.0' has been launched to capture additional market share and to make our CV and PV segment self-sustainable and more profitable. It will enable us to bolster consumer confidence further and help build acceptability of our portfolio for both our old as well as new set of buyers. A similar plan was implemented for commercial vehicles, which helped us regain market share of that segment in the domestic market.

Impact 2.0 Design language

After the success of IMPACT Design Language, we have decided to introduce its next version - IMPACT 2.0. The passenger vehicles designed under its aegis will have their interiors influenced by Indian architecture. But this too, will change as we evolve. We also plan to introduce newer models that will be clutter-free, feature a protruding dashboard screen that is wider and better, and more.

When it comes to commercial vehicles, we have unveiled the 'Premium Tough' design philosophy, which reflects "a sense of purpose coupled with strength and quality."

New launches based on revamped platforms

New launches have made tremendous difference to our sales and it worked as an impetus to vie for the 3rd place in the Indian auto market. Looking ahead, we are slated to launch two new platforms at the start of 2019. The first is the advanced modular platform (AMP), which will act as the base for our newest set of hatchbacks and sedans. Two innovative architectures – the 'Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced' (OMEGA-ARC) and 'Agile Light Flexible Advanced' (ALFA-ARC) were also unveiled by us at the Auto Expo 2018, which will be used in the making of H5X and 45X respectively. At present, we account for only 60 per cent of the market today, but we know for sure that we are able to cover 95 per cent of the market by 2020.

Opening of new outlets

In addition to the plans stated above, we have also added a number of outlets to our existing network. The aim is to attain a target of 1,200 outlets for PV by 2020. There are already 1800+ touch points for CV as of today. We are also considering the possibilities of introducing digital and virtual showrooms to make customer experience a more fruitful one.

With these promising initiatives and timely launches, we are confident that we will be capable of funding ourselves in the future and surge ahead of the competition.

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