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Harnessing Social media during Auto Expo 2018

20 March, 2018

With 605,175 visitors, 500 product displays by 119 exhibitors, and the unveiling of 25 electric vehicles, Auto Expo 2018 was a roaring success!

We, under the theme of 'Smart Mobility, Smart Cities', unveiled some incredible and exciting vehicles, which will contribute to Government of India's initiative to build smarter cities.

To reach out to our target audiences, we needed interactive and engaging communication strategies that would make us stand out amidst the flooding tweets and Facebook posts during the popular event.

Indeed, over a period of two weeks, we garnered unbelievable traction-6mn+ and 3.5L+ post reach & impressions on Facebook and Twitter respectively-through our successfully implemented strategies. Let's shed light on some of the online activities.


With multiple activities simulatneously taking place, we created a microsite (autoexpo.tatamotors.com) for the audience to be updated with all the happenings.

Tweeting to create a Buzz

What's the impact of a social media campaign if it's not driven by a wave of hashtags? We came up with some quirky ones: #AECountdown, #TrucksAreCool, #AutoExposed and #IAspireto, each with a purpose of its own. Take a look:


Ingenious vehicles are revealed to those who wait.

Through #AECountdown, we built up curiosity amongst our followers by revealing only snippets of our soon-to-be launches. This got our followers excited, resulting in higher engagement.


Expressing your love could help you win a ticket!

Those who longed for an in-person experience of the Auto Expo were given a chance to win a ticket through  our #LoveForTataMotors contest. A selfie with any of our vehicles that got the maximum number of votes was proclaimed winner.


How about you share with us a cool truck snap?

We encouraged our followers to share their picture with a Tata Motors truck on our social media pages. The idea was to highlight the fact that besides being highly utilitarian, trucks are cool and much loved by many.


@MisterRovingEye-who's this guy?

An anonymous handle, @MisterRovingEye, leaked snippets of Tata vehicles before the event. This reached influencers who began tweeting about the handle, and soon becme a hot topic. On the day of the event, we revealed that this secret man was none other than Pratap Bose - our Head of Design.


Your expectations drive us!

Usually, a company brings to life an idea and urges consumers to buy into the same. With #IAspireTo, we decided to turn the tables around. Through this platform, we encouraged our consumers to share their expectations from our vehicles using placards.


Don't just dream them, drive them!

An AMT transmission! A recliner seat, perhaps? An AWD would be great! Consumers have so many expectations for their future car. We encouraged our audiences to dream bigger and tweet us how they envisioned their future car. This allowed us to understand their desires so we can incorporate them into our cars in future.

Carpool conversations with Varun Thakur, Narain Karthikeyan, Guenter Butschek and Pratap Bose

What happens when a comedian (Varun Thakur), a racing champ (Narain Karthikeyan), a CEO (Guenter Butschek) and a creative mastermind (Pratap Bose) go on a drive? It leads to fun conversations about the Auto Expo, interesting facts related to the auto industry, and a whole lot of laughs!

When rivals revel in your celebration

You know you've struck gold when competitors appreciate your products. Our pavilion was visited by Anand Mahindra- Chairman, Mahindra Group and Pawan Munjal - Chairman, M.D and CEO, Hero MotoCorp. Media personnel covered this with great zeal, helping us earn a good chunk of the limelight.

When success speaks in numbers!

The effectiveness of our interactive activities resulted in a significant increase in the engagement on social media. Entries received for the #LoveForTataMotors were purely organic. The response to #MyFutureCar was tremendous too; innovative ideas that poured in were worthy of contemplation.

All in all, we were able to generate the intended hype with many meaningful conversations, both offline and online, we engaged our consumers and gathered many amazing insights from the innovative initiatives.

What are your thoughts on our social media campaign? Have any suggestions? Go ahead and let us know by posting in the comments section below.

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