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Jamshedpur Plant – At The Heart Of India’s Truck Industry Since 1954

06 September, 2017

Tata Group has been a great driving force behind our country’s growth, both before and after independence. Tata Motors, the automotive arm of the group, has been actively involved in nation building since its inception in 1945. Our plant in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand is where it all started. Beginning with just 443 indigenously developed commercial vehicles (CVs) in 1954, we have rolled out millions of trucks that are today traveling the roads of many different countries around the world.

A brief history of Tata Motors' Jamshedpur plant

We began as Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (Telco) in 1945 with a factory in Jamshedpur to manufacture steam locomotives. This plant was also where we developed armoured vehicles, CVs, steam road rollers, excavators, forklifts, and diesel shunters - all vehicles that played a vital part in building our nation. Our first truck for commercial use rolled out from Jamshedpur in 1954. Ever since, we have been transforming the Indian CV industry by achieving several industry-first accomplishments.

Featured below are some of the important milestones in the life of our Jamshedpur plant:

  • This plant witnessed the production of our one-millionth vehicle in 1990.
  • By 1993, we had introduced multi-axel vehicles in the country that were produced in this plant.
  • We produced Field Artillery Tractors in this plant in 1994 for use by the Indian army.
  • Two years later, in 1996, we produced commercial vehicles in this plant that were equipped with high-power Cummins Engine.
  • In 1999, this plant produced CVs for the Indian market that met BS-I emission norms.
  • The capabilities of our brave Armed Forces were upped by us in 2002 with the launch of our EX series and multi-purpose 15 Tonner CVs. These CVs were manufactured in this plant.
  • The High Tonnage LPS 4018 TC truck that was introduced in the Indian market in 2006 was produced in this plant. These trucks complied with the BS-II norms.
  • The year 2009 was pretty important for us. It was when we launched our acclaimed Prima trucks that were manufactured in this plant.
  • The Modular FAT Cab Army Vehicle, with a 375 HP engine, was produced in this plant in 2010.
  • In 2011, we started producing CVs in this plant that met BS-IV norms. They included our LPT 2521 truck, which was launched in the same year.
  • Our two-millionth CV was rolled out from this plant in 2013.
  • Prima Lx CVs that were launched in 2014 were manufactured in this plant. FMSCI (Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India) certified Tata Prima Lx trucks were used by various teams in the T1 Prima Truck Racing in the same year.

Current capabilities of Tata Motors' Jamshedpur plant

Our state-of-the-art Jamshedpur plant has the capability to manufacture diverse range of CVs that are suitable for use in various industries. They include trucks; from 7T to 49T range, hailing from SFC to Prima series, featuring 2 to 6 axles, adhering to BS-I to BS-V norms, with 130 to 380 HP, incorporating 6 to 9 speed transmission, and more. We also produce troop carriers, weapon systems carriers, and other vehicles, used by the Indian Armed Forces.

Evolution of the Jamshedpur plant over the decades

Our Jamshedpur plant has been at the forefront of innovation since its inception, initially making it possible to introduce versatile CVs. Over the decades, we have incorporated cutting-edge technologies for manufacturing of cabs, engines, long members, tools, dies, axels, and transmissions. New and advanced technologies have also been introduced for cab painting, foundry shop, assembly of vehicles, and their testing. These technologies enable us to produce dependable CVs that are safe, comfortable, fuel-efficient, and long-lasting.

Technical training facilities at Tata Motors' Jamshedpur plant

Incorporation of cutting-edge technologies has made it possible for us to become one of the leading producers of CVs in the world. To continue this into the future, we have technical training facilities in our Jamshedpur plant that impart knowledge to 150 to 200 full term apprentices annually. To enable diversity, we also ensure that 20 to 25 percent of these apprentices are women. Established in 1954, these technical training facilities have won the ‘Best Establishment Award’ from The Directorate General of Training (DGET) and the Government of India on several occasions.

So, what do you think about our Jamshedpur plant that has been at the heart of India’s truck industry since 1954? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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