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Made-in-India TAL BRABO Robot all set to be deployed across industries

29 March, 2018

Robots are being used increasingly in various industries to complete tasks that are repetitive and/or dangerous. To put India on the global map in this field, TAL Manufacturing Solutions, which is Tata Motors' wholly-owned subsidiary, unveiled the TAL BRABO Robot. This indigenously designed robot caters to the needs of micro, small, medium and even large industries, and is available in two variants of payloads of 2 kgs and 10 kgs.

Designing of TAL BRABO

Designed to complement human labour and/or perform high volume, repetitive, dangerous or time-consuming tasks, TAL BRABO is suited not only for use in India but also in manufacturing units across the world. The robot was designed in-house at TAL Manufacturing and Tata Elxsi, with Tata AutoComp manufacturing some of its most critical components. TAL BRABO is compliant with European safety, health, and environmental legislations, making it ready for export.

How ready is TAL BRABO?

We have successfully tested the TAL BRABO in over 50 work streams so far, and are ready to supply it to sectors like Light, Aerospace, Automotive and other Engineering, Precision Machining, Software Testing, Electronics, Plastics, Education and Logistics among others, improving quality and productivity, while simplifying industrial manufacturing.

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