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MindRover Season 6 – Case study challenge that sparks the imagination of GenNext

04 April, 2018

The spirit of giving back to society is strongly embedded into the Tata Motors DNA. Through MindRover, we seek to prepare the next generation to take on challenging work in the automobile industry.

What is MindRover?

MindRover is a unique case study challenge that encourages participants to find solutions to issues faced while working in the auto industry. MindRover caters to premier Management and Engineering campuses in India. The challenge takes place annually, where participants must research a particular subject related to the industry and provide innovative and achievable solutions. Hundreds of entries flowed in this year, during the 6th season.

Acers of MindRover Season 6

From all the entries, it was Team Freedom from IMT Ghaziabad that were declared the winners of MindRover Season 6 - Syamantak Hazra, Vineet Rupani and Arpita Suyal won a cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000 as well as a per-placement interview in our company. Their victory was a proud moment for IMT Ghaziabad. We wish them even greater success in the future.

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