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07 September, 2017

The adage 'first impression is the last impression' is especially true when it comes to automobiles. In today's age of sleek and smart devices, consumers crave elegantly designed products as they often augment their style and personality. Hence automobile manufacturers need to arm themselves with an experienced design team who is responsible for conceptualizing vehicles that stand out.

Apart from looking good, incredibly designed vehicles provide other benefits too. Sweptback designs often makes them aerodynamic, which in turn helps to save fuel. Thanks to modern safety innovations like crumple zones, today's vehicles need not be boxy in order to protect its occupants. A skilled design team thus helps to create sleek vehicles that are safe, practical, and comfortable by incorporating latest advancements in technology.

Tata Motors and vehicle design

We have always designed Commercial and Passenger vehicles according to consumer demands. Today, a 200-member team, spread across studios in Pune, UK, and Italy conceives the designs of our vehicles. The Pune studio is where most of our commercial vehicles (CVs) are designed. The UK design studio excels in clay and digital modelling, while the one in Italy is responsible for delivering high-end styling and looks.

Each team shortlists designs after several rounds of sketching, following which they proceed to 3D modelling. The design that stands out to be the best is the one that is finalized for the road. These design teams are spearheaded by Pratap Bose, who places utmost emphasis on style and performance without compromising on safety and utility.

Importance of design for Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles (CVs) designed by us meet all the safety regulations and recommendations, minimizing the potential for injuries or discomfort during operations. Comfort and ergonomics is also of utmost importance. Our design team works hand-in-hand with the manufacturing and engineering suppliers to ensure the vehicle concept becomes a reality.

Our Prima range of trucks have been designed with this approach. Sporting sleek design, these trucks are fast and economical in the long run. They feature an air-conditioned cabin, a comfortable and spacious bed, LED display, adjustable steering wheel, and more.

Importance of design for Passenger Vehicles

For our passenger vehicles segment, we have adopted the IMPACT Design language in recent years. The aim of this design philosophy is to create 'Immediate IMPACT at first sight, Lasting IMPACT over time.' It was implemented to grab the attention of customers and to break the cycle of repetitive design. IMPACT Design enables us to continue reinventing the looks of our passenger vehicles, all the while integrating the best of style and convenience.

Mayank Pareek, President of the Passenger Vehicles Business Unit of Tata Motors believes that design plays a big part in convincing a customer to opt for a particular vehicle. Hence Tata Motors is developing technologies that will help create a long-lasting impact on the consumers.

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