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A Pledge to Say No to Plastic

09 August, 2018

The problem of plastic pollution has been discussed at lengths, both in newsrooms and at environmental summits. Being lightweight, versatile, moisture-resistant and relatively inexpensive, the material has become indispensable for industries and individuals alike. However, since plastic does not degrade naturally, disposing it becomes a big problem. No wonder the material can be seen littered everywhere. A simple stroll on a beach or commute to work will remind you of its constant presence.

The plastic problem in India

India generates around 5.6 million tons of plastic waste per annum, translating to roughly 15,342 tons per day. Mounting heaps of plastic that can't be disposed, has forced governments of various states, including Maharashtra, to impose a ban on the material. And, being an automotive company that has India's interests at heart, Tata Motors decided to support this decision whole-heartedly.

Our pledge for the environment

We, at Tata Motors, vowed to implement environment friendly activities during Environment Month, 2018. We sent forward mailers from our top officials, which reached all the Tata Motors Ltd. white-collared employees. These mailers spoke about how single use plastic products are adversely affecting the environment, and urged everyone to limit their usage. We also created pop-up teaser ads to motivate our employees to "refuse" single use plastic products. Our social media campaign to #BeatPlasticPollution received an overwhelming response, getting 35,964 likes/ shares/ retweets/ comments across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. We also conducted sessions and quizzes relating to environment with the aim of educating our employees about the subject.

Our plants from Lucknow, Jamshedpur, Pantnagar, Dharawad, Sanand, and Pune also organized various activities, wherein Tata Motors Ltd. employees participated to make a green change for the environment.

  1. Pantnagar:

    To commence the 'Environment Month', our Pantnagar plant inaugurated the opening ceremony, with flag hoisting by Mr. Anil Vijay Singh - Plant Head. All of our employees from the plant took an ''Environment Oath'' to beat plastic pollution and save the environment. In order to implement this oath, they installed wooden/bamboo handicrafts stalls, which displayed products made out of locally available resources. This not only enhanced our 'Environment Month' theme but also encouraged the local artisans and self-help groups in the region.

    Employees of the Pantnagar Plant also held a Tree Plantation Drive, during which, 100 medicinal saplings were planted on 5th June, 2018. Several on-the-spot quizzes during tea breaks and video screenings were held to raise awareness about our environment. And last but not the least, a 'Best Out of Waste Model Competition' was arranged, which not only served as a platform for educating our employees about 'recycling plastic' but also brought out the creativity in each one of them

  2. Lucknow:

    Our Lucknow plant organized free PUC and health check-up camps, in which, we saw the participation of around 100 of our employees. A tree plantation drive was held here as well, during which 50 saplings were planted in the scrap yard. Employees also took an oath to protect the environment with the plant head

  3. Jamshedpur:

    Our Jamshedpur plant organized a 'Plastic Collection Drive' from 1st to 4th June, 2018 at four locations in Jamshedpur. They included SDP, Baridih (Kumbhariya Nala), Gopeshwar Baludyan, Millenium Park, HUDCO Park, and Theme Park. Around 120 participants came together and cleaned up these areas to promote the eradication of waste, and to beat plastic pollution

  4. Pune:

    Our Pune branch took a different approach towards celebrating the World Environment Day. The (name) - COO and ED, released a rescued pond heron in its natural habitat. Various educational sessions were conducted to enlighten the participants on the manufacture, usage, sale, transport, handling and storage of plastic and thermocol products. Rules regarding construction and demolition waste management were elaborated upon as well. Activities like 'Nature Walk' and 'Sky Watch' were also organized, during which, family members received the opportunity of enjoying the nature at its finest

  5. Dharawad:

    Our employees from the Dharawad plant also participated with in the green drive. They successfully planted 306 saplings to help save the environment

  6. Sanand:

    Employees from our Sanand plant encouraged government officials from GPCB & GID (need full forms) to join them for tree plantation and cleanliness drive in nearby villages. They launched a suggestion scheme, wherein employees could share their ideas over managing hazardous and plastic waste

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