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26 September, 2019

Globally, we at Tata Motors are known for our dedication towards the progress and development of the society. Over the years, we have stressed the necessity of nutrition security as the enabler of productivity. A sizable amount of research has revealed that malnutrition hinders the cognitive development of a child which in turn has a drastic effect on their academic studies. Against this background, we worked hard to ensure that our health initiative "Aarogya" placed 90% of the malnourished children in a healthy zone while simultaneously benefitting 3,81,437 people across the country.   

At Pune, Jamshedpur and Lucknow, we mobilized a group of community health workers who worked tirelessly to provide basic services at their doorstep. Through their efforts, we have managed to bring down the number of malnourished children while also putting into place a few programmes like:

Project CoMal

A few years ago, our Pune team concentrated its efforts on improving the existing conditions in the Kalakhadag slum area. This slum is home to a large number of people hailing from the SC/ST background. So, we teamed up with Snehdeep Jankalyan Foundation and Sneha Foundation and focused on reducing the occurrence of malnutrition among children. In order for our schemes to be effective, we made use of government entities like the Department of Family & Child Welfare, RBSK, Hospital, Savitribai Phule University and Inter Aide Development. Through this combined effort, we were able to devise an all-round, comprehensive intervention called CoMal. This initiative served to provide better quality meals and a special feed to SAM & MAM children through trained community workers. At the same time, we also provided families with training for better sanitary and hygiene conditions and raised awareness to establish a stronger connect with this community. Women from this area played a pivotal role in encouraging others to be a part of this programme. They also ensured that their children practiced better eating habits and discouraged shopkeepers from selling junk food to children.

Kitchen Garden

We collaborated with Prasad Chikitsa, a Thane based NGO that furthered our goal in eradicating malnourishment. Together, we taught tribal families the traditional practice of maintaining their own garden along with informing them about the importance of a supplementary diet.  For this, the families who had malnourished children were given lessons on scientific cultivation methods along with a variety of seeds. This initiative garnered far-reaching effects. When compared to families without kitchen garden, we found that 60% of the families with kitchen garden performed better on the nutrition and health standards. It also reduced the household's expenditure on food while increasing household income by Rs. 3000 from the sale of produce from the kitchen garden.

Malnutrition Treatment Centre, Jharkhand

With the aim of effectively combating malnutrition, we roped in the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), UNICEF and the Parivar Kalyan Sansthan (PKS). Together, in the year 2009, we ideated and held joint consultative sessions that led to the establishment of the Malnutrition Treatment Centre (MTC) in East Singhbhum in collaboration with the Government of Jharkhand. Over the years, we have provided treatment, prepared a special feed along with a methodology to administer this feed to malnourished patients, and follow up treatments, all of which are in keeping with the WHO protocol. An important part of this treatment is the feed that has been prepared. A malnourished child is given a protein dense therapeutic feed called F75 and F100 accompanied by supplementary food. While a child is undergoing treatment, the mother is compensated for the days that she has missed work while also being given healthy meals that are free of cost. Satisfied with this progress, the Government of Jharkhand has replicated our model across the state.

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