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Creating a Positive Impact, One Child at a Time

12 October, 2018

Tata Motors has been a pioneer in the field of Indian automobile industry since its inception. Apart from answering the needs of Indian customers by developing mobility-based solutions, we have also focused on improving the quality of life in communities we engage with. To bring about a positive change, we created Aarogya and Vidyadhanam, with the aim of improving the health and education of our children. We relentlessly strive to refine the quality of life of the marginalized and economically challenged sections of our society. Therefore, our CSR activities are not just mere statements, they are an integral part of our DNA. Our philosophy, "More from less to more people" implies that we wish to provide more to people, even when resources are moderate.

It is rightly said that children are the future of our nation. Having nearly 45 percent of population below 18 years of age, it is essential to improve the health and educational standards of our young ones. Unfortunately, many children in our country hail from underdeveloped sections of the society. We, at Tata Motors strive hard to bring a change, one child at a time.

To do so, we devised a holistic approach that helps support these children to overcome certain setbacks and lead a content life.


  • Palghar: To combat malnutrition in Palghar, we offered Ready-To-Use Thereupatic Food (RUTF) to children with Severe Acute Malnutrition. The medical nutritional therapy of these children was administered under the expert guidance of Chota Sion Hospital. We also distributed milk and multi-vitamins at various Anganwadis (rural child care centres) in Palghar to further counter the disorder.
  • Pantnagar: To support nutritional needs of malnourished children of Rampur and Shiv Nagar slums, we established a day care centre in collaboration with ICDS, district officials, Institute of Social Development (ISD) and medical practitioners. Here, we served RUTF to around 50 malnourished children on fixed days and conducted health camps that provided medical, nutrition and referral services to them on a daily basis.

    With over 2,909 children covered under the Aarogya initiative, we were successful in shifting 89 percent of children into the healthy zone. To add to that, the overall health of up to 90 percent of SC/ST children improved due to this program.


  • Tata Samarth Scholarship: In collaboration with Tata Communications and Tata Hendrickson, Tata Motors created the Tata Samarth Scholarship that aims to help young engineers from the economically and socially disadvantaged sections of the society. This scholarship is worth INR 25,000 per year and provides internships and projects at Tata Motors and Tata Communications.
  • Jamshedpur: To improve the educational standards in east Sighbum district of Jharkhand, our team from Jamshedpur adopted a holistic approach, wherein we provided scholarships to aid students financially, especially girls, and introduced support classes to augment their interest in Mathematics, Science and English. We also started night schools to encourage adult education. To bring efficiency into management of schools, we introduced TEEP (Tata Educational Excellence Programme) to institutionalise better management and governance practises.
  • Dharawad:The application of technology is being increasingly applied to education and classroom settings. Thus, for an enhanced learning experience, we organized special coaching classes across 155 BMC schools in Mumbai. Over 23,000 Students from standards 9th and 10th were coached in Mathematics, Science and English in Dharavi under the aegis of Vidyadhanam.

    A total of 1, 01,420 students benefitted due to these initiatives. Around 28,078 students attended the special coaching classes, leading to an improvement in marks by 5 percent. We even had an impact on the passing percentage of students, which increased from 65 to 96 percent. Also, around 100 scholars were supported financially through the Tata Samarth Scholarship. Of these, 54 percent were from SC/ST communities and 42 percent were women.

Way forward:

We truly believe that our efforts will yield sweet fruits, and that no child will stay uneducated or malnourished. Until then, we will keep collaborating to maximise the effect of our efforts. What do you think about our CSR initiatives that help make the lives of young children better? Do let us in the comments section below.

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