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Tata Motors tackling the challenge of malnutrition in Lucknow

10 October, 2019

137 children with acute malnutrition in Lucknow were cured under Tata Motors Aarogya programme

Malnourishment among children can hamper brain development, which could lead to long-term negative impact on health, physical and mental development, as well as overall wellbeing. There has been an alarmingly high rate of under nutrition and child stunting among children in India. Lucknow is one such city in Uttar Pradesh where malnutrition among children is highly prevalent. According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) 2015-2016, 48.5 percent of children under the age of five in rural Uttar Pradesh are stunted, and 17.9 percent wasted. A meagre 5 percent of children under the age of two receive an adequate diet.

To address malnutrition and undernutrition in Lucknow, Tata Motors through its health initiative Aarogya’ has Mobile Van in Lucknow which caters to severely malnourished infants and children below 6 years of age in collaboration with ICDS Centers, these children are medically treated so that they achieve normal health as per World Health Organization (WHO) protocols.  The programe has also been linked back to the state government’s initiative for greater synergy and maximum impact.

Tata Motors ‘Aarogya’ programme focusses on maternal and child health, with a holistic and balanced approach through preventive and curative healthcare interventions. Through this initiative, company provides supplementary diet and supplements to malnourished children, efforts are directed to work on preventive measures like enabling behavioral changes in communities, especially young mothers and parents through awareness sessions, providing antenatal and post-natal services. Added to these interventions are the curative health care services wherein the communities are serviced through diagnosis, administration of generic medicines and consultations. The company has created a cadre of community health workers who provide basic service at their doorstep. In Lucknow, the mobile medical van ferries the neighborhood on a regular basis and has arrested many health issues. As a result, the number of parents availing the services have reduced over time.

According to Mr. Vinod Kulkarni, Head-CSR, Tata Motors said “For years, health has remained a frontrunner of all the programmes that Tata Motors has initiated for the society. Our health initiative ‘Aarogya’ aims to curb malnutrition, facilitate availability of clean drinking water to remote communities and provide preventive/ curative health services. In FY 2018-19, Tata Motors successfully touched over three lakh lives in India through its Health Program ‘Aarogya’.  Annually, Tata Motors caters to over 2000 malnourished children in India. In Lucknow alone, over 137 malnourished children were treated, leading to over 90% children moving to a healthy zone on a sustained basis.

Community development and meaningful social engagement has been at the heart of the corporate social responsibility efforts at Tata Motors. Inclusive development is ensured through these affirmative action programs for communities around the plant at large.

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