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TEEP – ushering a positive transformation in schools across India

21 June, 2018

Jamshetji Tata, the founder of our parent group, firmly believed in giving back to the community. It was his belief that the society was not only another stakeholder in business but the sole reason for its existence. It was because of this unwavering belief the tradition of serving the community through business sowed its seeds in the past and grew into an enterprise which has firm branches across all sectors. From community development to environment conservation projects, our company strives to solve social issues by improving the quality of life of the people in communities. Following the same path of facilitating sustainable development by developing a symbiotic relationship between business and social responsibility. We continuously attempt to align social responsibility with their pursuit of business excellence. TEEP and TbeX are two such programs that have been developed to promote quality education.


Tata Education Excellence Program (TEEP), is one of the initiatives taken by Tata Quality Management Service (TQMS) with our support and that of Tata Steel. TEEP was designed to measure, analyze and improve every student's quality of education for their personal, academic and overall growth. It enables schools in the semi urban and rural areas to regulate their processes and achieve a minimum level of maturity. It is based upon the Malcolm Baldrige Criterion for Performance Excellence, a framework that organizations use to improve overall performance. This criterion generally aim to identify gaps that are found in high-performing organizations so that it functions smoothly and consistently leading to its growth. And to actually implement quality improvements programs at a school level, is what makes this initiative noteworthy.


The schools go through formal training by TbeX that assesses the quality of service provided to the students, such as, housekeeping, record keeping, monitoring attendance, quality check and timely delivery of mid-day meals. They also focus on co-curricular activities like environmental education, health check-up, sports, various competitions, teachers' workshops. Only after the schools meet the parameters set by Tbex, they are certified to graduate from 'Basic' to 'Saral' level. All of this put together helps to improve the rate of attendance among students.


If statistics are to be taken into consideration, according to a survey conducted in Jamshedpur, July 2013, the attendance rate rose to 85% at school, 100% for the enrolment of children graduating from Anganwadi Kendras to the Primary School and 100% for enrolment of students graduating from the Primary School to Middle Schools. A positive transformation has been noticed after the introduction of TEEP among parents, managing committees and representatives of the Panchayati Raj Institution (PRI). Over 40 schools in and around Jamshedpur have been covered under TEEP so far.

TEEP and TbeX are turning out to be an important milestone for the village schools as they help them in the journey towards excellence and ushering in change.

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