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20 December, 2018

We, at Tata Motors, are wholeheartedly committed to producing vehicles that embody the needs and desires of the consumer. This is displayed in our outstanding technology and design that is ingrained in our models. Nonetheless, we always strive to go beyond delivering top of the line offerings, to serve as an inspiration in the Indian automobile industry, and we commit ourselves to the betterment of our community.

Going beyond investing their personal time through volunteering, we have institutionalised a volunteering culture by crafting a volunteering policy. Our Affirmative Action programmes, under the umbrella of Aadhar, focus especially on the advancement of Dalit and tribal communities. These programmes are instrumental in bringing the two communities on equal footing and improve their standard of living. The initiative falls under the direct purview of the CSR committee of board and is championed by senior management across all plants.

Also, the robust volunteering programmes, especially through Pro Engage format, leverages the managerial capability of employees to strengthen AA projects. With over 40% of employees volunteering in a year, Tata Motors leads the group and has been recognized time and again.

Through the years, our employees have partaken in activities that help the underprivileged with regard to health, education, employability and environment. We have proved that social outreach is a part of our DNA through another initiative that was dedicated to improving the academic performance of secondary and college going students whilst also enhancing their learning environment.

Tata Volunteering for FY 17-18
TML Location Men On Roll as on 1st Feb-18 Employee Volunteering Target
(50% Men On Roll)
Total number of employees Volunteered Achievement %
(Men On Roll as on 1-Feb-18/Total number of employees Volunteered
Lucknow 1750 875 841 48%
Sanand 932 466 123 13%
Jamshedpur 4918 2459 1763 36%
Pune 12053 6027 5001 41%
Dharwad 290 145 197 68%
Pantnagar 1943 972 1681 87%
Mumbai 2194 1097 102 5%
TOTAL 24080 12041 9706 40%

This year, at Pantnagar, a mentoring session was conducted for the students of Government Girls Inter College (GGIC). Here, we shed light on the crucial role that the Head, Heart, and Hand has in achieving better academic results. The senior leaders of our company who were attending this event felicitated 10 students of the school and also inspected the e-learning lab. In addition to that, our employees from the finance, SCM, administration and service departments, volunteered in an initiative to bring about a change and inspire visually challenged students to chase after their career goals.

In another initiative held at the ICDS center in Bhootbangla, and a slum area near Rudrapur, we conducted an awareness session that delved into the problem of malnutrition and ways to combat it. We took this a step further along with Ms. Kalpana Jaishankar, CHRO, Tata Consultancy Engineering (TCE), Siddharth Mishra, Tata Communication, and other senior members of the management. We visited a livelihood training center for the women residing in slums at Fazalpur Mahrulla. Besides this, the team also participated in Parvarish Kendra and extended nutrition services to the undernourished children at the slum. Besides this, the Central Maintenance Team from Jamshedpur has adopted a tribal village in Potka Block in East Singhbum District of Jharkhand. They also mentor community entrepreneurship efforts by investing their domain expertise.

Scaling and strengthening scholarship programmes at Pantnagar Making Learn Earn and Progress programme relevant and aspirational Central Maintenance Team, Jamshedpur
Mr Rajesh Deshpande (General manager- NPI, mentor to Education vertical devised a mechanism to engage the student and institutionalized a selection process which  led to 98% applying for the scholarship program Mr. Sastabhavan Kutty ( Sr General Manager, VATS Group, ERC-Pune) and his team of 12 senior leaders have upgraded the course on auto service technicians which has not only become more relevant but aspirational as well. The team has adopted a tribal village in Potka Block in East Singhbum District of Jharkhand. They also mentor community entrepreneurship efforts by investing their domain expertise.

We constantly dedicate ourselves to the betterment of society. But when our employees come forward to volunteer in our venture of giving back to the society, it adds a greater value to the efforts we take to improve the quality of people’s lives across India.

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