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Going local in Vietnam and Philippines

11 July, 2017

When Tata Motors goes calling in new geographies, it makes it a point to merge with local cultures.

Getting deep into the skin of local markets leads to a better understanding of customer profiles and market gaps. The analysis of emerging markets of Philippines and Vietnam led us to the insight that the natives have a distinct spirit of entrepreneurship, which led to the conceptualization of the Drive your Own Life campaign. The new TVC campaign released by Tata Motors in Vietnam and Philippines highlights the aspirations of entrepreneurs to set up successful businesses and take advantage of booming market conditions.

The star of the Drive Your Own Life TVC is the Super Ace, but the roles that it plays in the video emphasises how the small pick-up can make dreams come true for small business entrepreneurs. So popular is the TVC that it gathered over 4 million views on YouTube within six days of launch.

The TVC touches a deep chord. In Vietnam, for example, driving mini trucks has become a business opportunity for entrepreneurs. Take the example of Phùng Thị Tình, a resident of Tam Dương in Vĩnh Phúc province. Tinh used to drive a mini truck for his employer, before he purchased a Super Ace mini truck for himself and stepped out on his own.

The TVC campaign demonstrates how the Super Ace is the right fit for people like Tinh as it is suitable for local market and road conditions. In Vietnam, the Super Ace is able to zip over urban roads and carry loads for small scale businesses – such as transportation of construction items, food grains, fruits, FMCG products and white goods. It is priced at a point that caters to urban, semi-urban and rural market demands with ease. The Super Ace can also be customised easily to fit a number of applications – such as a food truck, an ice cream truck, a last mile delivery van or a mobile store on wheels.

In Manila, food trucks are a popular culinary experience, enjoyed by both lunch time crowds and the evening eating out clientele. The food trucks offer a really wide choice of local and global cuisines – such as Mexican, Lebanese, American fast food, Japanese Filipino fusion as well as local specialties. Filipinos convert jeeps, van and even small buses to food trucks and the Super Ace fitted right in as a prospective kitchen-on-wheels.

These are the local stories that the Drive Your Own campaign targets as Tata Motors drives deeper into local terrain.

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