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Nepal! This is how Tata Motors conquered hearts of the mountain kingdom!

15 May, 2018

Nepal has a special connection with India on several fronts. The trust and faith in Indian and Indian indigenous products is also visible when it comes to automobile brand loyalty. Tata Motors by far is the strongest brand in the mountain kingdom of Nepal.

  • We dominate the roads: 14000 Tata Motors passenger vehicles are plying on the roads of Nepal out of which 5000 were sold in last 3 years.
  • Nepal picks a favourite: Tata Sumo is the highest selling nameplate in the Nepal market. The count is ever-growing with impressive demand.
  • Impressive showrooms: Tata Motors proudly associates itself with Nepal's biggest and most advanced Passenger Vehicle showroom.
  • Market leaders: Tata Motors is the market leaders in Compact Sedan segment with a whopping 40% market share for last two consecutive FYs in Nepal and an impressive market share in MPV (60%) in Nepal for many years.
  • Did You Know? Hexa sells in Nepal at INR 49 Lakh+. On the day of the launch itself, 11 vehicles were retailed by Tata Motors Sipradi (Authorized Distributors in Nepal).
  • Tatas have the 3rd highest market share (12.4%) in Passenger Vehicles in Nepal amongst 26 automobile companies.
  • We set records: Tata Nexon (~INR 21 Lakh) launch in Nepal has cracked the market with a stupendous ~60% market share, all 100% booked even before the launch.
  • We save lives: Ambulance market in Nepal is dominated by Tata Sumo Ambulance till date and Tata Motors has 90% market share in the segment.

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