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Tata Motors in Bangladesh-5 facts that will blow you away

03 May, 2018

With an exemplary portfolio and an extensive expanse of cars, trucks and buses, we are undoubtedly the most widely known automotor brand across the globe. We entered the Bangladesh car market in 1972 and have made commendable strides since. Timely launches like the Tata Indigo eCS, the Manza and the Vista in 2012 found favour with Bangladesh’s new car market while in 2015, the introduction of four new next-generation heavy commercial vehicles from the Prima range left a lasting impact on the car market.

We have listed a few noteworthy facts about our journey in Bangladesh :

  • Fact No. 1: Tata Motors Car Segment Market Share jumped from 5th to 1st position in last 3 years in Bangladesh.
  • Fact No. 2: Tata Motors is currently ranked 1st in New Vehicle Market Share-Car Segment in Bangladesh. This is despite the fact that Bangladesh is nearly a 100% automatic car market.
  • Fact No. 3: Bangladesh, which is smaller than the Indian state of Odisha in terms of area, has Tata Motors Bangladesh present in 36 locations. This extensive reach is for the sole purpose of satisfying the demand for our automotors. Bangladesh has a varied topography that accommodates premium cars with the same fervor as it embraces a sturdy pick up truck.
  • Fact No. 4: Ministry of Health in Bangladesh bought a fleet of 56 Sumo ambulances in 2016. Against the background of an established player in the transport segment, we decided to create an automotor that tended to the needs of the people. It was a blend of both superior motor design and a contribution towards the health services in the country. An ambulance is a primary means of commute in times of crisis, thus contributing to this would account for a sizable difference.
  • Fact No. 5: We are a preferred brand owing to our technology-driven, fuel efficient models. Furthermore, our longstanding association with this country has given us a remarkable acumen into the commuting preferences of the people. Keeping this at the center of our focus, we build automobiles that are conducive to the Bangladesh terrain.

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