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Tiago’s global debut: It’s Fantastico

13 September, 2016

As Tiago made its international debut in Kathmandu, Nepal recently, the all-new premium hatchback from Tata Motors got an overwhelming response. This edition of the NADA auto show was special for us as we officially showcased the Tiago to the masses at large in Nepal. "I could see "WOW" written on the faces of customers and the press" says Johnny Oommen (Head - International Business, Passenger Vehicles). 

Tiago seems to have struck the right chord with consumers in Nepal with its cool features like the multi-drive mode, Juke-Car app, turn-by-turn navigation and the 22 imaginatively thought-out storage spaces.

"We've just commenced sales and definitely expect Tiago to do a lot for us in terms of our presence in the hatchback segment. The Bolt helped a lot last year, and I think the Tiago is going to help a lot this year," adds Oommen.

Turning over a new leaf

"When we launch a new product and have something new, exciting or innovative in it, replications are bound to happen in other competing vehicle models. What is clearly going to distinguish us is the experience we provide to customers, both in terms of sales as well as service," says Oommen talking about Tata Motors' strategy to set new benchmarks in customer experience.

Best-in-class warranty and maintenance schedule offers make Tiago a truly 'fantastico' vehicle in its segment

With an industry-leading warranty option of 4 years and 75,000 km for the Tiago, and a maintenance schedule of 10,000 km and 1 year, Tata Motors has turned over a new leaf of transforming its after-sales service function. This also sets a new benchmark for the industry.

Click here to know more about Tiago and here to know about our presence in Nepal.

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