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5 tips to keep your car cool this summer

20 April, 2017

A cool and light wardrobe? Ready!

New sunglasses? Bought and bagged!

Weekend car drives to cooler getaways? All planned and raring to go!

Congratulations! You are ready for your summer vacay!

But is your car ready to beat the heat, too? Don't forget; the rising temperatures can affect your vehicle's efficiency and performance. And the last thing you want is your car breaking down when you're driving towards your weekend getaway!

So how do you keep your car cool? Let us take you through Ready-For-Summer Car Maintenance 101!

1. Keep it hydrated: It's not just you who needs a lot of water in the summertime. Your car needs hydration as well. Be sure to check all the essential fluids and refill when necessary. Battery fluid, coolant, water, oil, brake, power steering and windshield washer fluids. Get this done at an authorized workshop using the fluids recommended.

2. Clean the battery: Nothing beats a cold shower when it comes to winding down on a hot summer day. The same holds true for your car's battery. Dirt and grime can affect a battery's performance, leading to corrosion and inhibiting the current flow, which thereby shortens your battery life. Keep the battery clean, make sure it is refilled, and that it recharges properly.

3. Don't tire the tyres: Did you know that every 10 degree rise in temperature leads to one to two PSI increase in tyre pressure? Make sure you check the pressure regularly. Drastic temperature variations between the day and night can also do damage to your tyres. The heat expands the rubber and a drop in temperature at night can contract it leading to cracking of tyre walls-a condition called dry rot. Lastly, don't forget to check the spare tyre in your boot. You never know when it saves your day! It is also advisable to fill nitrogen in your tyres, instead of normal air, to keep the inner walls of your tyres cool.

4. Cover it up: Finding some shade from the sun to park your car isn't always possible. We all know what that sharp burn on touching the hot steering wheel feels like! To avoid this, cover your windshield and windows with sun shades. This will not only protect your car's dashboard and interiors from heating up but will also prevent them from fading. Additionally, if you couldn't escape the heat and had to park in the hot sun, start the car & roll down the windows. Operate the air conditioner blower at maximum speed for 3 to 5 minutes to expel the hot air. Continue operating it for at least 25 minutes to enjoy the cool air!

5. Keep yourself cool: This brings us to the last but certainly not the least- an air conditioning check! If your conditioner isn't in perfect working condition (see what we did there!), and doesn't blow out cold air, get the AC filter cleaned. This should improve air flow and ensure that you breathe clean air. If you still don't think the air is cool enough, it's time to get your car checked at an authorized workshop.

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