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Hexa, Sumo, and Safari Storme – some of the safest UVs and the sturdiest off-roaders in town

03 May, 2018

Our UVs such as Sumo, Safari, Safari Storme, Hexa and the Nexon are not only incredible looking but are also safe and sturdy, making them capable for both on- and off-road use. We introduced several world class innovations in the said vehicles to achieve these targets, some of which are featured below.

Hydroform technology

For years, our UVs (Utility Vehicles) featured sturdy cabin on frame design and incorporated our patented Hydroform technology. This technology makes a majority of the welding redundant, which ensures high level of security in case of accidents. It also enhances the durability of our UVs that ply off-road. The Sumo was one such powerful off-roading vehicle that featured the Hydroform technology. Thanks to its ruggedness, it has become the highest selling Utility Vehicle (UV) Nepal, a country known for its treacherous mountainous roads.

Crumple zones and points

Our Safari Storme, Hexa and Nexon are all designed with numerous crumple zones and points in their body shell. These features safeguard the passengers inside the cabin in case of an accident, making them some of the safest UVs in town available these days. Add to that, these three cars do not topple easily, which makes them even safer.

Other included safety features

Our current generation of UVs come incorporated some the most advanced features that can be found in the vehicles around the world. They include airbags and ABS and EBD. Combined together with the ones featured above, these features make our vehicles safer for on- and off-roading capabilities.

With a solid 60 year experience in automobiles and understanding of the subcontinent, we are known for developing some of the safest UVs and the sturdiest off-roaders in town.

-Piyush Thakur

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