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How to prepare and maintain your car for Indian winters

29 December, 2017

Have you ever faced problems like foggy windshields, sluggish pick-up or simply starting your car in the winters? These are some of the common snags that you may encounter while driving in the cold season in India. Fortunately, these troubles can be easily avoided by prepping your car in advance for the winter. Featured below are some of the common problems that your car faces in the cold season and the solutions to those issues.

Avoid revving your car for some time

You must have noticed that the temperature gauge on your vehicle’s dashboard is often at ‘C’. It means that your engine oil is cold. When such a thing happens, no matter how hard you try, accelerating becomes difficult. Many will tell you to leave the engine on for a few minutes before driving, which is false. Instead, all you need to do is avoid driving fast for the first few kilometres.

Maintain battery levels

Maintaining your vehicle’s battery during winter is critical because its ability to accept charge is reduced due to the cold weather, preventing it from recharging quickly. Therefore, it is advised to get your battery tested by a qualified mechanic. If you are sure it won’t last for long, replace the battery completely. You must clean and refill your battery cells during this season, if you want to continue with the same old one.

Check your car lights

If your locality witnesses’ heavy fog during winters, ensure that the headlights of your car are illuminating the road effectively. Also, see to it that your vehicle’s tail lights are visible from a distance. Check their alignment and remove burned out bulbs. If you have to clean the exterior case of the headlamps, it is advised to use car wax instead of a dry rag as cloth often scratches up the lights.

Keep your windshield and wipers clean

Car wipers must be in good shape if you are driving in the fog, since they help clean the windshield properly. Replace them with new wiper blades if the wipers have become dry and hard. If the wipers aren’t effective, inspect your defroster to see if it is working well. Windshields also tend to become foggy in the winter due to the temperature difference between the outside and inside of your vehicle. Keep it clean to avoid accidents. If you live somewhere where temperatures usually drops below zero, then it is recommended to add some anti-freeze liquid to your windshield washer fluid. You may also need rubber clad winter blades in such situations. Also examine the spray nozzles for blockages. Remove them using a pin, if you find any.

Confirm if your engine is working fine

Flush and refill the cooling system of your car during winter to prevent possible overheating. Check the level, condition, and concentration of the engine coolant regularly. Top the coolant up or change it if necessary. Also, verify the condition and tightness of drive belts, hoses and all the clamps.

You would hate to see your favourite car suffer at the hands of the cold weather. So, with the winter already setting in this year, just follow these tips and save your vehicle from damage.

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