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Make your way through water logged streets

03 September, 2019

We are all well aware of the fact that monsoons and driving don't go hand in hand. Poor visibility, flooding, potholes and waterlogged roads are part and parcel of the constant rain that makes driving on the busy roads a daunting experience. And navigating through these water-logged roads can render many drivers helpless in the middle of their journey.

Hence it is crucial to keep a few things in mind when you go out on a venture with your car during monsoon. A little preparation and presence of mind can get you out of a tricky situation without harming you or your vehicle.

Here are a few tips that we have curated to keep you and your car safe during the heavy downpour in India:

1) Call for assistance

We, at Tata Motors, have already commenced our '24*7 On-Road Assistance' programme to offer our help to people in case of any breakdown at any time of the day or night. So, if your car seems to have been stuck in water or is stalling due to the excessive water, don't fret. Just call on our toll-free number: 1800 209 66 88 and our authorized service providers will tow the vehicle to the nearest workshop and help fix the issue.

2) Don't stop your car in the water-logged street

Staying in one place will enable the water to creep into parts like intake and exhaust. So, if in case your area does get water logged and you happen to be driving, try your level best to tread through those waters. You don't need to accelerate suddenly or brake too hard, just follow a steady pace and you should be fine. Just remember to use a lower gear (can be first, second or third, depending on the speed) and keep the engine revs higher. Also make sure that you're wary of the gears since traveling through water puts an additional strain on the engine and putting the wrong gear could make your car stall.

3) Do not restart your already stalled car

If your car stalls in a water logged area, don't try to restart it immediately. This might end up putting more strain on the engine's connecting rods leading them to break, or cause some serious damage to your engine. If you think that the water has entered the engine, switch off your car immediately to avoid further damage, push your car to an area that doesn't seem to be flooded and then call emergency services for help.

4) Try to get out of your car

A calm mind is of utmost importance while dealing with such a situation. When your car gets stuck in water, the force of the water might prevent the doors from opening. If this happens, calmly attempt to push the doors with both your legs. If this tactic fails, use a heavy or a blunt object to break the windows. Once you have done this, ditch your car and walk towards a dry ground.

5) Pump the brakes once your car is out of water

If you successfully manage to get your car out of the water logged area, pump the brakes to push out excess water that may be accumulated in that area. Water in your brakes is a big no no and you wouldn't want your brakes to malfunction in the future. This is especially applicable to the cars that are equipped with drum brakes.

6) Always be in the central lane of the road

Roads are usually built with a tilt to the left side to make the water flow towards the drainage. Hence, always try to stay in the centre lane of the road as it helps you judge better if your vehicle can't drive through it. Also, the side of the roads usually have many manholes that might prove hazardous to drive over.

Use these tips to maneuver your way through flooded streets during the monsoons. However, remember that it is always better to stay put during the downpour as nothing is more important than your own safety.

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