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Nexon: Sub Compact SUV Head Turner

21 September, 2017

Following the success of Tiago hatchback, Tigor compact sedan, and Hexa crossover SUV, Tata Motors is venturing into the sub-compact SUV segment with the launch of Nexon. The Tata Nexon, designed according to the IMPACT philosophy, has been creating a sense of excitement in experts and enthusiasts alike!

Here's what some reviewers have to say about the Nexon:

NDTV CarAndBike

"The Nexon promises to be a hot selling SUV!" - CarAndBike

According to the review, the Nexon looks striking. Its ground clearance of 209 mm is one of the best in class, as is its high-speed stability. The vehicle's side profile sets it apart in a signature way. The amazing 8-speaker Harman audio setup of the car deserves a special mention.

CarAndBike also appreciated the Nexon's unique storage slot for umbrellas (especially designed to drain out water), its 1.5-litre diesel engine (for producing ample power on the tarmac), as well as the turbocharger-enhanced 1.2-litre petrol engine (which rapidly gets to triple digit speeds).

You can read the full review here.


"Tata Nexon has all the features you need." - ZigWheels

According to ZigWheels, the Nexon looks tough, sleek, and sporty. One unique feature is its roof that swoops down like a coupe. The dash design, interiors and the infotainment screen make the Nexon look like a European luxury car. The cabin of the SUV was also found to be more impressive than its competition. The review appreciated the grip of the Goodyear tyres which, according to them, inspired confidence at sharp turns.

ZigWheels' comprehensive review of the Nexon can be found here.

The media has given a well deserving thumbs up to Tata Nexon for its stylish design and amazing performance. Are you ready for #LevelNex?

Business Line

"Tata's Nexon checks off all the right boxes!" - Business Line

Business Line lauded Nexon's design which, according to them, resembles the concept showcased by Tata at the Auto Expo, 2016. The review appreciated the youthful finesse of the SUV, its minimal body roll and excellent suspension. The Harman infotainment system, meticulously designed storage slots and cabin space (providing ample leg and knee-room for rear passengers) also had a special mention.

Click here to see Business Line's full review of the Nexon.


"Tata Nexon is a game-changer!" - PowerDrift

PowerDrift praised the exteriors of the Nexon, describing them as eye-catching. A special mention was given to its ISOFLEX mounts that make it possible to attach a baby car seat, thereby making the SUV ideal for families. The review also appreciated the SUV's three-tone dash and unique storage slot for umbrellas. The deep glove box (with a removable laptop or a tablet holder) and design spaces for maps, cups and other utility items were considered innovative.

One of PowerDrift's favourite features was the bundled wristband watch that comes with the vehicle, eliminating the need to carry the key fob.

PowerDrift's entire review of the Nexon can be found here.

Tata Motors unveiled the Nexon to the world on 21st September 2017. During the launch, the media who had been awaiting the launch of the feature loaded sub-compact SUV with bated breath, appeared enthralled by its incredible pricing.

The media has given a well-deserving thumbs-up to Tata Nexon for its stylish design and amazing performance. What about you?

Let us know by posting your comments below!

This blog has been last updated on 25th September, following the launch of the Nexon.

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