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Why we are the ‘only indigenous car maker’ in India

15 May, 2018

Can you think of an automobile manufacturer who produces cars from the scratch to finish in India? Think...Think... There are so many names which come to your mind. However, we are the 'only car manufacturer' in India who produces all our vehicles indigenously. Of course there are a few who develop utility vehicles in India, but definitely not cars.

Origins of 'other' car makers

So, what are these other cars makers in India doing and where do they come from? A huge chunk of them come from foreign locations. Their end cycle is passed on to India because our country is primarily a hatch and a volume market where a manufacturer would not make much money for years. For these auto makers, a certain number of sales has to be reached before the first profit is made. Thus, a large number of automobile manufacturers shy away from the Indian market as they and do not want to invest in research and development in India.

Why we are the indigenous car maker in India

We take pride in being the only indigenous car maker amongst all Indian automobile manufacturers. Not only does we produce cars from the start to finish in India but also have design studios in the country where some of the next-gen cars are conceived. Our Indica, Indigo, Vista, Manza, Hexa, Safari, Nexon, Tiago, and Tigor where all designed and built in India.

We believe that the commitment to Indian automobile market is long term. As a car manufacturer we have committed ourselves to develop suppliers, vendors, research centers, and the whole gamut of allied businesses and channel partners, dedicated to cater to the needs of India's consumers.

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