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20 June, 2018

With our fundamental motto in mind - "Swimming can’t be learnt in a classroom", we at Tata Motors have strived to make our internship programs the most coveted ones in the most reputed colleges of India.

Our Summer Internship Programs (SIP) offers a two-month stint wherein students are chosen from pristine business schools of India and get a chance to gain hands-on experience in variety of fields. With the help of this internship program, students brimming with passion, high motivation, and creativity, acquire an opportunity to work on live projects with business impacting outcomes. Subject matter experts are assigned to them as Dedicated Mentors so that they gain exposure to real business scenarios which also simultaneously works in our favour as we receive fresh perspectives on live projects of the company.

In this period, we do a symbiotic exchange wherein we encourage the interns to shift their mindset from campus to corporate while harnessing their learnings from the campus to our organization.

Our Summer Internship program, 2018 was most definitely an elevating experience for the interns. And, here is what they have to say about their whole experience:

  • Kinshuk - NMIMS, Mumbai

The horizon of my understanding was broadened by the quality of work and the learnings derived from the work. My guide helped me in a thorough manner to grasp the business functionalities.

  • Anisha Dutta - IIFT, Delhi

Apart from the project providing me with a challenging experience and helping me hone my research skills, the help extended to me by the HRs during my period of need was truly a great reflection of the Tata values that I have seen in my previous job with Tata as well.

  • Sunidhi Raj Singh - SJMSOM, IIT Bombay

Working on a live project, where one can see their work actually getting implemented was a big thing and my mentor helped me to understand the things involved in my project from business perspective apart from that the people in the office were very helpful and welcoming and being fresher experiencing this phenomenal environment was a great start for me.

  • Prabhakar Kumar Sinha - NITIE, Mumbai

My best experience of the internship would be a week's visit to Tata Motors PVBU, Pune. I learnt there the entire dispatch process of PV vehicles and process being followed for part load clubbing. I also got the opportunity to interact with different transporters' representatives and learn the difficulties they are facing in the automotive logistics sector particularly in TMLD. The visit really helped me in understanding all the business requirements of my project and provided me with the roadmap for my project. All the concerned mentors, project guide and Tata Motors employees were very helpful and willing to help in any issue. The experience of interning at Tata Motors was very enriching and learning. Thank you Tata Motors!

  • Vatsalya Kumar Srivastava - MDI, Gurgaon

During the course of the internship, I was given the job of seeking requirement and availability of school buses across NCR Schools. I was so engrossed in the whole activity that I looked for the brand of the bus every time one passed by me. I felt proud when I saw the bus with TATA logo. It was one of those moments where you start identifying the goals of the company with yours.

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