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A tribute to the SUPERMOMS

12 May, 2017

'Twas the night before a Monday, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Suddenly the faint cry of a scared toddler rang through the room. In an instant, the door swung open and there stood the saviour, her cape luminous in the beam of light. Four hours later, she dons her cape again, this time to take on a barrage of targets and deadlines. She is the awe-inspiring, swashbuckling, multifaceted supermom!

On the occasion of Mother's Day, we tip our hats to supermoms all over the world. We understand that being a mother is a full-time job, which is why we try our best to make their 'other' job at Tata Motors as comfortable as possible. Our policies take into consideration the needs of working mothers, new mothers as well as mothers returning after a career break to ensure that they strike the perfect balance between work and motherhood.

"Being a good mom, performing professional, efficient home manager and a career oriented woman - all this in one is possible when you are working at Tata Motors. Policies like extended maternity leave, flexible working hours, sabbatical and many more just make your journey as a working mother less arduous" elucidates Aanchal Singh, Divisional Manager - Talent Management.

"Tata Motors' crèche facility provided a secure environment for my child and allowed me to strike a balance between my professional and personal life." - Deepali Tandon, Senior Manager – Finance (Lucknow)
"At Tata Motors, supportive bosses and an encouraging environment catapult your career and reassure you of being in the right place." - Aanchal Singh, Divisional Manager - Talent Management (Mumbai)
"SCIP has allowed me to unleash my potential to the fullest, besides making me a supermom at home. Kudos to Tata Motors", says Rina Shrivastava, HR SCIP Consultant – Employer Branding

For most women, a career break becomes a necessity during the early years of motherhood. For them, we have the Tata SCIP (Second Careers, Inspiring Possibilities) - a platform that enables women who have taken a break from their professions to return to the corporate world on their terms. "SCIP is a wonderful initiative for working women who wish to strike work-life balance." – Rina Shrivastava, HR SCIP Consultant – Employer Branding.

It is a well-known fact that there is no task that is beyond this awesome superhero's capacity. But then, even Batman sometimes needs Robin. So through these policies and programmes, we try to ensure that the glorious capes of the supermoms of Tata Motors are always kept flying high. Here's wishing supermoms everywhere a very Happy Mothers' Day!

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