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Creating Opportunities for Millennials

31 October, 2018

At Tata Motors, we are firm believers in the talent and aptitude of young students. It is this belief that has pushed us to nurture these minds to help them grow and progress in the direction of future industry leaders. We thus, provide these students with the best opportunities and guidance that they require to make a stand in the industry. To accomplish this, we have put into place a series of well thought initiatives:

Industry Academia Partnership:

We recognized the inclination of today's audience towards cars that are digital and tech savvy. Thus began the need to tap into a young, talented sphere of students that would help us bring to life futuristic cars that are ingrained with AI, AR, VR etc. We introduced the Industry Academia Partnership that would bring about a perfect collaboration with institutions where fresh, flexible minds would participate in joint research, knowledge exchange between industry and institution and live projects that would fuel our future products while simultaneouslyproviding a platform for learning. Hence, we partnered with Symbiosis International (Deemed University) and IIT BHU. Thiswould help us maintain our competitive edge in a business landscape that is constantly changing.

MindRover for Engineering and Business Schools:

In another initiative to identify new talent, we organized 'MindRover' - a unique case study challenge. This national level competition throws its doors open to students of Engineering and Business schools who are posed with the challenge of finding innovative and mind blowing solutions to the existing problems in the automotive industry. Through this competition, we look for individuals who display an exceptional knowledge of technicality, who pay attention to detail and have the ability to stand out from the rest. The finalists' teams then receive a PPI (Pre-Placement Interview) opportunity to be a part of our company while the winners and runners-up are rewarded with cash prizes.

Summer Internship Program (SIP):

We are constantly looking for students who are abounding with big ideas, originality and have a strong desire to be a part of business projects that have lasting outcomes. We have implemented the Summer Internship Program (SIP) that offers a two month internship where students from top notch business schools receive a firsthand experience of a live project. Here, they are able to apply all their learnings that they gleaned from the classroom to business situations in real time and thus, be a part of value driven projects.


To further impart knowledge and give students an insight into the industry's working, we organized a series of guest lectures along with engineering and management internship programs called T-Talks. This program dwells and shapes the personality of a student besides providing a foundation to build a skill set and knowledge base that is essential for the professional world. This program furthermore fosters and recognizes budding talent and readies these students by helping them develop their careers. Through the talks held at BIT, Mesra, IIT-BHU and other reputable institutions, the students were taught the details and particulars that went into building electric buses. In another session, they learnt how new technologies like IoT and Big Data are used to create smart vehicles.

Thus, we aim to create a workplace that is conducive to millennials where we provide the right environment for exceedingly talented individuals and shape them to be leaders of tomorrow.

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